Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Conference Weekend!

Hey Mom!
It's me, your favorite child!
It's tuesday. I quite dislike Tuesdays. Wanna know why? Because it's so crazy busy. I have sociology from 9-10:15. English from 10:30-11:45. Quick stop work from 12-1:30. Astronomy from 1:30-2:45. Computer lab work from 2:45-6. Then I get a 30 minute break to eat dinner. And then I close at the Quick Stop from 6:30-10:30. 13.5 hours on campus. Tuesdays are rough.
Right now I'm at computer lab work. It's probably my favorite part of the day. I don't really do much except swipe student cards when they come in and charge people for print outs. The best part of the job is the 30 minutes on Tuedays and 2 hours on Fridays that I get to work with Mary Jane!

It's pretty fun working here though! It's really nice because it forces me to do my homework.
Here's proof that I'm so responsible Mom! This lovely little picture was taken without my knowledge....so it's not even posed! I'm taking an astronomy quiz. I quite dislike that class.
I learn pointless things like according to the universal law of gravitation, [F = (G x M1 x M2) / D(<2)] onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_RXxnobZgLWQ/Ssu4Wme8eRI/AAAAAAAAAB8/Qa-6LUc66-8/s1600-h/HPIM5951.JPG">

But! After I finish all my homework I get to relax! This is normally what happens.....Facebook on one screen and The Office (or O'riley factor, or So you think you can dance, or Lie to me, or Grays Anatomy) on the other screen!
And I get paid for it!

And after I'm done catching up, Mary Jane and I just talk...or take pictures of us pretending to be emo. (sidenote: Mom, emo is short for emotional. Just another subculture of my generation. Like preppy, gothic, emo, etc) (p.s. did you see how I used 'subculture' back there? Proof again that I am learning so much here at college. Thank you Sociology class!)

Anyways! Sorry, I didn't get to talk to you much this weekend. It was crazy busy but also crazy fun! Garrett and I had great tickets to conference! We went to the Saturday Morning session and sat on row 20. It was cool to be so close! And there were some great talks this year! Elder Holland's was one of my favorites! The one where he basically just bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith in his translation of the Book of Mormon. I love how bold he always is. And passionate! I'm excited for the text for it to come out on Thursday.

After the first session was over we hurried and ran to the Joseph Smith building to see the Joseph Smith movie again. I love love love that movie! It always reminds me to be grateful for the sacrifices he made as a Prophet of God and how lucky I am to have the Gospel in my life.
Garrett's shoulder was all wet from my tears after the movie.....but he was nice and didn't even complain.

I spent all day Saturday in Salt Lake! After the Joseph Smith move we walked around temple square a little, then went and watched the second session with Garrett's little brothers and his Grandpa.
During Priesthood session, I went shopping with his Sisters, Mom, Grandma, and these 2 girls who were visiting from China. They were hilarious! They kept commenting on how tall I am! They asked me to help them find some "American shirts." So we walked around the mall and they made me ask all the sales associates if they had any American clothes.
When I asked them what specific "American" clothes they wanted they said "Shirt with flag...or Obama." I'm sure I made a face. Yuck to Obama. Don't worry Mom, even if I had found an Obama shirt I would've hidden it or something. And, if they could've really understood me, I'd have given 'em an earfull about him. Again I say: YUCK!

Sunday, after we watched the morning and afternoon session of general conference, Garrett and I drove to Provo. We even took a little detour to check out UVU! It was pouring rain, but we still got out and walked around campus a little bit.

I admit it mom.....UVU isn't as cool as USU....but it'll still be great!
I slept at Kristine's house (remember her? from highschool?) that night and then I went to finalize some transfer stuff with the counselors at UVU on Monday morning. It was fun to walk around campus in the daylight when it's all packed with students. I think it'll be good. :D. (p.s. that ":D" is a sideways smiley face mom! Do you see it?)

So yeah! That was my weekend! I'd definitely say it was a success!
I'll probably call you later....or tomorrow when my day isn't so packed!


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