Monday, October 12, 2009

best friends, punkins, and IS's!

Dear Mary Jane Lake/ Marjan/ Mar/ Marjorie/ Margarine/ Merv/ Marvin/ MJ,

I am writing to you this week!
Those pictures are a blast from the past, eh? Hah! I had a lot of fun looking for them! They're all from approximately 2 years ago. Freshman Week of Welcome Movie on the Hyperfield, Making our quote boards, Football games, when my visiting teachers brought me that cool dinosaur cake and you graciously helped me eat it, and dress up at nolans cabin!
2 years ago. Except for our obvious growth in maturity, we actually don't look very different at all.
Remember our first bonding moment? Some might say it was accidentally being put in the same room our first night away from home (and we both secretly cried ourselves to sleep), or maybe when you looked in my cabinet in the kitchen and thought my Italian soda flavors were tequila, or maybe even when we realized that two of my best guy friends from high school were the same as your guy friends that you met at efy (random huh?)! Yes, some might say that these were the moments that truly set off this bestfriendship...but not for me. I'd have to pin it to the night that all our roommates left for the weekend except us and we stayed up until 4 in the morning watching Brittany Spears' movie Crossroads and dancing to the music video at the end. Mmm fun! "She looks like a lizard!"

As I was pondering this past week, all that really stuck out to me were the great things that I did with you. It would have been quite boring without our mini adventures! It's probably this same story every week! That's why I pick YOU as my best friend!
Here's the recap:

Monday 10/5:
Don't we all just love Family Home Evening! Especially when pumpkin carving is involved!
One of my favorite things about us as a bestfriendship is that we think enough alike that we can turn any situation into greatness, but we are different enough that we are still individuals who bring something unique to the party!
I wasn't surprised at all when our pumpkin carving brainstorming didn't last long and we quickly decided on a holiday theme pumpkin! Why not represent every holiday? And the pumpkin can be representative of Halloween itself!

"I'll gut the pumpkin, and you sort through all the intestines for pumpkin seeds!" We make such a great team!


Thanks for letting me be the one to represent Christmas! (You know I've been craving it hard core lately!) I think your Easter egg wins the prize though! It was truly a work of art!

Bathroom break to wash our hands!

Finished product! Complete with a: Christmas Tree, Easter egg, Turkey, Clover, American Flag, and heart!

Tuesday 10/6: Tuesdays are the worst and we hardly get to hang out. But at least we get to work together for a good 30 minutes!
Wednesday 10/7: Everyone knows that Wednesday is SYTYCD day! (so you think you can dance of course!) I just sit at work staring at the clock until 7 o'clock (okay I admit it, sometimes I leave just a baby minute early). And then I do my speediest speed walk all they way to your house to watch! SYTYCD never disappoints....unlike Glee. It's a shame that show is getting dirty. They are so copping out.
Thursday 10/8: Thanks for letting me practice my cupcake speech with you!
Friday 10/9: Independent Study! Do you remember our first Independent Study? We were trying to be more independent from boys. Two in particular (JT). Well...okay 3 (JTG). Actually...more like 5 (JTGGP). And so we decided to study independence...from boys. So we rented P.S. I love you, locked the boys out of their house, pushed the couch up close to the tv, and cried during the whole thing. Good times good times!
Anyways, this past independent study was a great one, if i do say so myself!

Step 1: Make Never Never Land signs and color some Neverland pictures! Mermaid Lagoon, Neverpeak mountain, Maze of regrets, Pixie Hollow, Home underground, and of course the redskins tribe!

Step 2: Dress up in Neverland attire! Head to the nearest Michaels craft sore and get henna tattoo's! And if you see some glowsticks on sale then go ahead and grab some of those too!!!

Step 3: Make sure to have season 1 of One Tree Hill. If not, run to my house to get it! And while you're there...put the camera on timer and place it on the car and take some quick pictures of ourselves!

Step 4: Spend like 20 minutes in your pitch black apartment trying to figure out how to write out your name with the glowsticks and get a picture of it!

Step 5: Go to Neverpeak mountain where you "see over anyone and anything and can see beyond belief." Paint a nice little picture of whatever you see!

Step 6: Then go visit the redskins, aka those of the picaninny tribe, aka Tiger Lily! And do some Henna tattoo's with them! Wooo!
(also, if you run into Tiff, will you please tell her that I'm doing everything I can to make sure my tattoo's are gone by the time her wedding rolls around....eeek!)

Step 7: Watch One Tree Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that was definitely one of our best Independent Studies yet!!!!

Anyways Best Friend, what I'm trying to say is that I think you're quite great in every way!
We won't be like most best friends....the one's who aren't even best friends forever. Nope. We're going to be the one's that go on vacations together with our husbands! And the kind where our kids call us Aunt Marjan and Aunt Kae. And maybe even two of our kids will get married (they'll owe us so much when that happens:)! No matter what, we'll always be best friends!


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  1. I think this is the best post of your blog! I love being kindred spirits! Thanks for writing to me and reminding me of how great we are! Lub you!


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