Friday, October 02, 2009


Dearest Mother,

Remember when you sent me off to school? And you thought I was heading off to Logan?
Well....I must have taken a wrong turn because I ended up in Narnia.
Yes. Narnia.
It's freeeeeeeezing!
It's already snowed once! In September! Well, the last day of September...but September nonetheless! I know!
And! Every Friday I have to open at the computer lab. Which means I have to be on campus at 7:30. Bleh. And this morning it was so so so cold! I felt kind of ridiculous all decked out in my ski stuff. I wore my ski jacket zipped all the way up so I could hide my chin in it. And I wore one of the many uber cute hats you made me! The pink one!

Don't be fooled by that smile on my face, Mom. Not only was it so so early, but I was also so so freezing. (p.s. Sorry the quality isn't the greatest. I just took it on my phone as I was walking.)
But! The real point of this post is not to complain...I really just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful hat!!! I love love love it! Yesterday I wore the gray one with the small bill on it! So thanks!
Other than the snow, not much else is new. It's friday! Which is beautiful in and of itself! And I'm so excited for General Conference this weekend! I'm going home with Mary Jane (you remember her right? Roommate/Best Friend!) and then meeting up with Garrett in Salt Lake for conference! It should be fun. Hopefully it's not freezing there too.

School has been going well. I got a 98% on my Zack Morris speech last week! Whoop! I'll put in some random pictures from the year so far.....

The first Saturday after school started Marjan, Noodle, David, (his friend who I can't remember his name), and I all decided to take a little trip to Bear Lake. We were thinking it would be a nice relaxing warm day at the beach.
We were wrong. It was cloudy and cold all day. But we still made the best of it and had fun!

After trying to be tough and stick it out at the beach we finally decided it was time for an early lunch! We went to this awesome pizza place! I don't remember what it's called but it was so delicious.

After eating we went back to the beach for a little while and then we decided to just give up and go home! Overall the trip was still quite an adventure and definitely worth it!

Working at the Quick Stop and the Computer Lab puts me in contact with a huge chunk of sickly students. So I wasn't surprised when I woke up feeling like my head was so heavy it was going to break off my neck and roll on to the ground. Mary Jane was so great though, Mom. She took care of me all day. We watched 3 football games, and like 6 of the stupidest chick flicks I've ever ever seen. They were all ones that were playing on tv. It was great though.
Unfortunately, one of the unbenefits of having a best friend is that they always get each other sick. About two days later Mar woke up with all the same symptoms.
We're all better now though! And we're hoping it was swine flu so we can be good and done with it! And when the rest of the world gets it, we'll already be immune!!! Woo!!!

Also! The Logan Institute was in charge of providing a choir for the September CES fireside. And Marjan, Amanda, and I decided to join it. Don't worry, I told the director guy that didn't have a voice worth beans and he told me that he would just hide my voice somewhere between the other 900 singers. It was quite an experience! Almost 900 students ended up coming to the 9ish hours of practice (total) and then piling up on 18 yellow school busses. It was quite squished. They bussed us down to provo where we got to hear Sister Dalton speak and we sang 2 beautiful songs. Okay, mom....I admit it, I really just mouthed the high notes. And I forgot some of the words. But it was still so so cool! Here are some pictures from the fun bus ride!!!

Me and Marjan. The wind was blowing like crazy and we decided to take a picture. Mary Jane did a better job of catching the model opportunity....

Amanda was one of my freshman year roommates! It was fun to get to catch up!

All three of us in our 'jewel toned' dresses!

Mary Jane and I were offered 2 free tickets to the BYU v Florida State game a couple weeks ago. A couple days before the game the tickets fell through....But we decided to party in p-town anyways! Fortunately for us we still got to go to a football game...just not the one we originally planned on. Almost all the Eagle boys that I know are on a flag football team for BYU and they happened to have a game! And they won!!!!! We were their biggest fans!!
Side note: please excuse my shirt...I didn't mean it.

Well, I better get back to work!
I love you mom! Thanks again for all the hats and everything you do!


p.s. Congratulations again on the promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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