Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So much to look forward to!

DEAR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man, I have so many exciting things coming up! So much to look forward to!

10/16 (Friday) - No schoooool! And Garrett is coming to Logan to visit for the whole weekend! I'm really excited! I've told him a lot about it, but he's still never experienced this world of mine. I can't even wait! Of course, I made a nice list of all the things I want to show him. We probably won't have enough time to check off the whole list, but that's okay! He'll just have to come visit again soon!

10/19 (Monday) - We find out if Leah is having a boy or a girl!!!!!

10/21 (Wednesday) - Take my stupid Astronomy test early... and then drive down to Provo! Woo! I'm hoping this will be a good time to find an apartment beings that Provo is my future place of residence....eek!

10/22 (Thursday) - Fly to California!!! I haven't seen Tiffini in like 13 Months which is obviously way way too long! I'm so excited to get to see her! And John! And meet John's family! I'm excited!

10/23 (Friday) - The real party starts! Brian and Matt! I haven't seen them since February. Again, way too long. We also have a nice little breakfast that John's parents invited us all too! I'm really really excited! And then there's another party that night! By this time I think everyone will have arrived and so of course it'll be so so so fun! I really can't wait. I think about it all the time!

10/24 (Saturday) - I don't really know all the events for today except that it's the actual wedding day! Wahooo! I know Tiffini will make the most beautiful bride and I'm so glad to have John officially join the family! I'm a big fan of him! Also, Leah and I get to be bridesmaids which will be so fun! Tiffini is the best oldest sister ever and I'm beyond happy for her!

10/26 (Monday) - Fly back to Utah.

10/31 (Saturday) - Happy Halloween! My roommates are all going to dress up under the same theme and probably hit up the Howl Halloween Party! It's by far the biggest Halloween party in Utah, some argue it's the even the best in all the west! Marjan and I went last year and it was so fun! I even got nominated to be in the best costume contest! We'll probably go again this year, or maybe we'll just do something low-key. Either way, it'll be an excellent Halloween!

That's all I got right now. But all that is packed into the next 2 weeks or so!
Life is good!
Love you!


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