Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A little story....


Wooo I have a lot to update you on. But I don't really feel like it. So, instead I'm going to tell you a little story.

Are you ready for this masterpiece of greatness? Alright

Once upon a time....

It was a cold October Friday in Narnia. It wasn't just any Friday though. This Friday was special. A normal Friday contained a full day of classes following a boring 6 hours of work in the dreaded dungeon lab. But this Friday was schoolless and workless. Well...actually that's false. The one place that was open in all the campus land was the dungeon quick stop. And the one person called to work on this supposed day off was the Princess.
So...instead taking advantage of her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in....she awoke early in the morn and trudged to the dungeon. Her shift was long and boring and full of grumpy people who complained that she hadn't made the right hot pockets. Just when she thought she was going to faint from desperation a wonderful prince came to her rescue! He immediately stole her away from work and they went to the nicest resturant in all the campusland. Then he took her on a stroll through campusland and she showed the prince all the places that she'd been had been a prisoner forced to listen to pointless, boring, and sometimes offensive lectures. The prince stayed all weekend and let her do anything she wanted. He even endured a movie night with the princess and her best friend where they watched the most enchanting tale ever....Twilight! In gratitude for his goodness, the princess made him a glorious feast! Meatballs and mac & cheese! (she was out of rice). The prince graciously accepted and thanked her by doing the dishes. They enjoyed a magical weekend. The princess gave the prince a tour of the whole Logan Kingdom and even took him to the temple that is a castle!

The prince stayed for 3 days. He was lucky enough to have not-so-distant cousins who lived in the same kingdom. He lodged at their palace during his stay. On the last night, the prince even took the princess to meet his cousins and they had a delightful time. The princess couldn't help but be reminded of her own royal family who she hadn't seen for such a long time. The interaction between the prince and his cousins was remarkably similar the way her own family acts together. The prince's family was almost as humorous as her own.
Unfortunately, the weekend of magic had to end. The prince departed sadly, promising to find the princess again someday.

Fortunately! That someday was only 3 days later! Whoop whoop! The princess was beginning her long journey to see her royal family in a land called Napa. She was lucky enough to stop in Provoland where she got to see her prince for a few precious hours. The prince treated the princess to a banquet dinner prepared by the best pizza shef in the land...his name was Papa John. The next morning he even missed some schooling to give the princess a carriage ride to the airport. She was sad to leave her prince, but knew that this was a journey that would be well worth it!

In her journeying the princess flew on the wings of many magic birds, ate many exotic foods from places like in-n-out, and even crossed a bridge of gold! Her travels lasted days and days, but finally she made it to the land called Napa where her royal family would meet her.

Their gathering had the main purpose of joining two royal families together through marriage. Her royal princess sister was to become a queen when she wed the charming prince John. Her gown was very elegant and flattering and made of only the finest fabric. There were many celebrations with the whole royal family.

On Friday, there was held a beautiful brunch designed only for the royal families. They mingled with joy and laughter.

The whole day was filled with fun activities! The princess and most of her family traveled to the greatest candy shop in the kingdom. They enjoyed all the magical sweets they found. They even had gelato from a distant land called Italy.

That night was a beautiful ball!

All the King's and Queen's

The next day was the actual wedding day. The princess, her sister/bride, and the other princess', joined together for a morning of pampering and swimming amidst the beautiful nature of Napa.

The views were spectacular. Rolling hills and vineyards stretched for miles. It took the princess' breath away! They enjoyed a relaxing morning in the sun with sparkling water and other exotic beverages. The whole day was a dream! But the princess' favorite part was getting to spend time with her other princess sisters. They caught up on all the events that had happened during their separation, recounted old memories, and laughed and laughed together. The time came to get ready for the royal wedding! They put curls in their hair, jewels in their ears, and beautiful gowns on!!!!!!!!!!! They all looked like princess' that they are!

The wedding ceremony was beautiful! The princess was grateful to be a part of the occasion and loved standing next to her princess sister on her wedding day!

princess, princess, queen, king, prince

The night was spent in a joyful celebration!!!!
The princess and the King

The three princess sisters!

The next day everyone in the immediate royal family except the king and queen newlyweds went back to the Land of San Fransisco. The princess got to eat her favorite gourmet foods (crabs) with her favorite people in the world! She and her family also saw the strangest mystical creatures. They shopped the streets of the foreign town and had lots of fun.

Sadly, the princess had to say goodbye to half of her royal family that night. But, she still had some hope that she will get to see the whole family again soon when a new little prince joins the royal family! The princess and her royal parents, the King and the Queen, and her royal princess sister and royal prince brother all traveled back to the Land of Napa to have one last feast with the new King and Queen newlyweds. It was the final event of the whole occasion and it was a glorious event to end on!!!!!
The next day the princess started her journey back to her land of Narnia. As she traveled, she recounted how blessed she is to live such a magical life and be part of such a wonderful royal family. She loved seeing all her prince and princess siblings and spending time with the littlest princess there!

The prince was there right when she got off the magical bird. In his hand was the most beautiful and mystical flower in all the land!

The prince drove her back to Provoland safe and sound and let her rest her eyes for awhile before he sent her back off to her own Land of Narnia. The princess arrived back to her castle happy and content!

THE END!!!!!!!!

Alright Mom! Loooooove you!


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