Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Dear Life,

Thank you for being good to me.
I mean that with all the sincerity in my heart.
I am so blessed.

I just got to spend a weekend home in Eagle. That was a perfect little escape from school and everything. Seriously. It couldn't have come at a better time. I drove in on Friday night and Mom had me pick up some Texas Road House on my way into town! What a treat! That night I went over and spent some good time with Kyle and Jade. I'm so grateful for them. Kyle has always been one of my very best friends. He is such a good big brother! He's the type of big brother who really really cares. He's always been a huge part of my life. He's been there for the little things as well as the big things. I remember once in second grade when the biggest spelling test of the year came up! It was the one where we had to learn how to spell all the days and all the months. I came home and told Kyle how nervous I was and he said that he would help me ace it! Every night that week we practiced in his room on this mega huge notepad that he had. I've always been awful at spelling...but I got 100% on that spelling test! Kyle has always been there for the little things like that, and the big things! He's always been one of my biggest examples and my best friend!
Saturday started off with a little mother-daughter cooking activity! Mom and I had a 9:30 appointment. I know that's not super early....but for a Saturday?! Come on! It was super fun though! We went to this place that had like 6 mini kitchens set up and we just prepared meals. They have the recipe and all the ingredients there and you prepare the meal and then take it home to cook for later! We made a shrimp pasta dish, enchiladas, a breakfast thing (that looked pretty gross actually), and a couple chicken things. It was really fun! That night we got to eat the shrimp pasta dish and it was sooo good! The best part was that there wasn't much of a clean-up! The workers at the cooking place do all the cleaning that comes from the preparation so we only had one pan to clean after dinner! It was great! Other than that, Mom and I kinda just hung out. We got to babysit Tayler for most of the day which was really fun!! She's getting so so big! She's seriously the cutest little munchkin I've ever seen. At one point I went and got all my old stuffed animals and introduced Tayler to all of them. Snuggles, Ruffie, Panda, Lion, and Mr. Bear! Needless to say, she loved them all!

On Sunday mom and I headed off to 9 o'clock church. No sleeping in again. But that's okay because church was excellent! I felt like the talks given were directed right at me! They were seriously so good! They were on faith and patience. My favorite quote was,
"Faith cannot be exercised when fear is present."

That's a lesson that applies over and over through all stages of life. And I know it's a valuable lesson to be learned! Everything always works out! Heavenly Father loves us all and knows exactly what's going on in our lives. He's got our back! And if we can just have faith in that, then things would be so much easier. President Hinckley is known for always saying,
"It'll work out."
And it's true! Everything always works out! Just gotta have faith!
I love church!

Anyways, the weekend was all-in-all excellent! I love my mom so much and was so happy to be able to spend quality laid-back time with her. I love that she's not only my mom, but also my friend. That's the type of relationship we have. I love that I can go to her for any advice. I love that she listens to everything I say before putting in her two-cents. I love that she trust me and my decisions. I love that she cares so much about even the silly little things that are going on in my life. I love that she does the little things....like bringing me with her to the cooking thing! I love that she always invites me to run errands with her just so we can have that simple bonding time together. I love that sometimes she doesn't have any advice for me and she lets me figure things out for myself. I love that she prays for guidance in guiding me. I love that even though she doesn't sing the hymns in church, sometimes she mouths the words anyways. I love that she can tell what kind of mood I'm in just by the way I say "Hey" when she answers my phone call. I love that she sends me little text throughout the day just to tell me she loves me.
I love my mom.

Life, you are so good to me! Thank you!


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