Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Moon

Dear Momther,

Guess what comes out in
2 days 1 hour 18 minutes and 41 seconds

That's right!


You're excited, huh?
So are we!
Last night we even had an IS (independent study) where we made some shirts!
They are pretty rockin, if i do say so myself!

As soon as I got off work at 4:30, Marjan and I headed over to wall-e-mart to get supplies!
We searched the store for the best shirts at the best deal and ended up with Hanes V-neck 5 for 10 dolla! Yes mom, they are boy shirts. But I promise they aren't that bad.
Then we headed over to the craft section and picked up 3 colors of fabric and some thread, needles, and fabric glue.
Then we headed to the 2nd home (aka Marjans house) and got to work!
We watched OTH (one tree hill) while we sketched, cut, placed, glued, and did some final touches of sewing! Here is the final product!

They're pretty dang great huh?!
Personally, I think they're probably good enough to sell!
These are seriously like the best shirts ever ever made!
Zero exaggeration.

So...yeah! We're pretty dang excited for the premier!

At wall-e-mart we also saw that the sparkling cider was on sale!
So of course we had to pick that up!
Every IS needs a treat!

Madi, Marjanny's roommate/our great friend, even joined us for a little while.
I promise she really was in a good mood...she was just a little perturbed at our movie choice.

It turned out to be a great Independent Study!
A success indeed!

In other news,
UVU orientation is Thursday morning so I'll be heading down to Provo tomorrow night.
It'll be good. Yup. It'll be good. It'll be good!

And....Only 1 week til I get to come home for Thanksgiving!!
I'm so so excited for that!
See ya then!

Miss you! LOVE YOU!!!!


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