Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dear Mom,
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As you already know, one of my ALL TIME favorite things to do is remember.


I love to just sit anywhere and just....remember.

I think about things like:

  • That one time in Virginia, when we played hide and seek for family home evening! I loved this FHE! Kyle won one game by getting on the roof of the shed....so for the very next game of course I asked him to put me up there! I was only like 6, but Ky hoisted me up, showed me the safest spot to sit, and told me to be very quiet. I didn't win. But it was still so fun!

  • That one time we went to Aunt Nancy's house and I forgot my swim suit. I was really little...like 4. And so you just put me in cousin seany's swim shorts. I was so embarrassed! But Tiffini still carried me all around in the pool! She swam and played with me the whole time! I was glad that she still played with me even though I was wearing a boy swim suit. That shows true sister love!

  • Another time, when we were driving to Jersey...I must've been like 7. I kept saying "Are we there yet?" and you kept saying "Nope...not yet" and I just kept asking and finally you said "Yup! We're here!" And you said it all enthuastically! And I sat up and looked around and we were still on the freeway and all I could see were cars and trees...and I said "What? We're not here yet..." and you said "So stop asking." Haha! I learned a valuable lesson that day. I learned that I had the ability to answer questions on my own. Sorry... :D

  • I remember when we were little you would turn the clocks back so you could sleep in on Christmas morning. And we weren't allowed to wake you up until 8...but really it was like 10. You guys are such sneaky parents!

  • And EVERY YEAR on Christmas morning we had to line up on the stairs youngst-to-oldest before we were allowed to walk downstairs.

  • I remember when you and dad took Leah and I to Hawaii for your Creative Memories trip! Remember when we got an extra ticket to one of the fancy dinners and so you guys decided to take Leah. And you all felt so bad that I had to stay home by myself. But you let me order room service! And I got chicken nuggets! And you came home and you guys all said that the whole time you were out you felt bad that I was sitting in the hotel room in Hawaii by myself...but then you realized how happy I was that I got to eat chicken nugget room service and you realized that I definitely had more fun in the hotel room with my room service than out at the fancy dinner with you three.

  • I remember you sitting outside while Jen, James, Leah and I played in the backyard. And one time I was playing under the deck and a bee stung me. And started screaming "a bee stung me a bee stung me" and Leah thought I was just trying to play a prank. But you came and picked me up and put the baking soda (or powder...) and water mixture on it. And you said that you could tell from my tone of voice that I was serious. I remember thinking "wow, my mom is the best mom in the world! she can tell if I'm kidding just from my voice!"

  • When it was mine and Leah's turn to do dinner dishes we would do 1 of 2 things to make the task more bearable. 1. Sing rounds of the primary song: "for health and strength and daily bread we thank thy name oh Lord." Yup. Over and over and over and over. We loved it! or 2. We would pretend we were on a cooking show...except it was a 'how to clean the kitchen' show. This option would make the whole task of cleaning the kitchen at least twice as long...but it was fun. Leah usually got to be the announcer. She was better at it. I was the one who demonstrated.

These are just a few of my favorite pictures!

Thank you for giving me so many great things to remember!

Love you!!!!


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  1. I seriously cried thinking of those memories! Then when I got to the one about us doing the dishes, I burst out loud laughing and had to tell the ladies I sit next to at work about it. (we were on our break) It was true, it took us sooo long to do those dishes but we didn't care because it was so fun! Love love you!!!!


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