Thursday, December 03, 2009

dissappointment with an E.

Dear Momther,

So...remember that time I was born?
Yes, I assume you do.
Well, remember when you decided to name me Kaela? Spelled with an E. Not a Y.


I've always loved it. I think I'm definitely a Kaela....but definitely NOT a Kayla. Mhmm.

Anyways. I'm just sitting here at work. And I decided to google search my name. Just for fun, ya know?
The results were startling!!

So I found this website for all the girls named "Kaela." Not...KaYla.
I always thought my name was super unique. Sure, there are other Kayla's. But I've only found one or two other Kaela's. Until I stumbled across this stupid website....

What I read shattered my entire universe. No exaggeration.

Apparently 4,225 girls in the US have been named Kaela since 1880. Kaela with an E. 4,225! Lame!
There's a spot where girls named Kaela can leave are a few.
  • Nov 22, 2009: "I love my name, being another Kaela it's quite awesome. I have been called the most bizzare things, including karla, don't ask me where the r came from, kyla, keela, kayela, etc etc etc. I used to hate it, but now I love having such a unique name! If any of you didn't know this either, it's also a Hawaiian name. I've been told that by at least 4 differet native Hawiians.
She's right. People call me Karla all the time. Weirdo's.
Here's another:

  • Oct 1, 2009: "hi to the kaela's of the world. I named my daughter Kaela after Kayla Brady on days of our lives. I had to change the spelling because i wanted it to be unique so my husband wouldn't make the connection. he hates soaps. lol.
K, there were multiple comments of girls who said they were named after the chick off of Days of Our Lives. I repeat: LAME!!

But wait! It gets worse!! Just as I'm sitting here in shock, realizing that I'm not the only KaEla, I stumble across this little gem:

  • Aug 12,2009: "my oldest daughter's name is Kaela Michelle. I too thought i was spelling it different!"
Well guess what weren't spelling it different. nope. AND, not only are you a first name spelling thief...but also a middle name thief!
And then another:

  • Sept 5, 2009: "hi my name is Kaela Michelle too!!! i love being kaela with an "E:. :) Hello Kaelas!"


I didn't find anyone else named Kaela Michelle Lefferts! So at least I still got that going for me.


Then! I found this chick who's apparently the hottest thing in Japan these days! She's a singer. This is one of her video's.

Woo. How honored I am to share a name with this star. Sarcastic.

Anyways mom, thanks for the effort of trying to name me uniquely. I'm sure you are as devastated by this news as I am.

Love you!


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