Saturday, December 26, 2009

farewell USU...

Dear Momther,

I'm officially done at Utah State University.
Done done.
That doesn't mean I'm not an Aggie anymore though....I will ALWAYS be an Aggie. Yup. Always.

USU is like the best university eeevvveeerrr!

I'm really really REALLY going to miss it. A lot.

From my first days as a scared little freshy to my most recent days as a working fool, utah state treated me well!

During my freshman year I got a great job at the Quick Stop in the student center. This job is rated best job on campus becasue it's so social and fun! Sometimes it's rated second, only after the computer lab consultant job. good friend hooked me up as a lab consultant at the beginning of this year! So I worked a lot...(30 hours a week)...but it was at the 2 best jobs on campus! And i got to work with great friends!

I started off college planning to get my degree in Biomechanics and then use that degree to become a nurse....ya, I didn't get too far with that. I just stopped enjoying it. So then I was undeclared for a little while...until I took General Psychology! That class changed my life. No lie. I fell in love with it all! Love love love! My favorite class has been "Behavior Analysis." The class included a rat lab where we got to train rats to do random things. I did feel bad for the rats though. I named my Herman.

I had some weird hair funks during my years at Utah State. I went away to college with virgin hair. It had never-ever-nope-never been touched with chemicals. Nothing! 3 Months into my freshman year, I did this...(blue pannels)

That lasted about 3 days before I dyed it back and vowed never to touch it again......
3 months after that..... (caramel highlights)
Lets be was hideous....but I kept it for like 2 months....and then i dyed it it back and vowed never to touch it again...
About a month later I did this....

I actually really liked this! It was kinda peek-a-boo-ish. So I could easily hide it if I wanted, or I could show it off. It was really fun. And then about 3 months after that Mary Jane and I hit up the local supermarket and purchased the cheapest hair dye available. $3.19. Black.

You can't tell very well because my hair is already really really dark. This above picture was me trying to see how I'd look with short hair! The black dye eventually faded out and now I'm officially back to my natural color. Utah State brought the hair-rebel outta me!

Second to dying my hair...dressing up was probably my favorite things to do during my days at USU. Here are some of my favorite dress up outfits!

Basket ball season in Aggieland is BY FAR the most exciting time of year! We are true Aggie Basketball fans! We would sacrifice just about anything to make it to the game! And luckily, we had a big group of friends that we'd always go with! We'd always be on the half court line about 4 rows up! They were awesome seats!

And then there were the random little adventures....

Freshman year we got 3 beta fish (Jesabelle, Jasmine-stephen-alex, and ariel). We decided to play a game called "not turn on the heat until after christmas break. We'd be sitting in our living room watching a movie in our ski coats. The fish died.
Strangely cooked eggs...
Marjan and I were the 'team mom's' for our good friends soccer team! We'd bring sliced oranges and juice boxes! It was really fun!
Sophomore year Mary Jane and I got a little obsessed with the Wicked soundtrack. We'd sing it ALLLLL THEEEE TIMMMMEEEE.

Me, Mary Jane, and Sydney went to festival of colors last year. It's like a huge colored chalk throwing party! There are thousands and thousands of students and everyone has bags of colored chalk dust. And then everyone just throws it and dances around and it's so crazy fun!
Mary Jane and I hit up a ton of concerts. Ben folds and Making April were by far my favorites! After 'Making April' the guitarist guy reached down and handed me his guitar pick! And then when we met the band afterward the lead singer ran back and gave me a free slap-bracelet! It was so so soooo fun!

We would always go all out decorating for birthdays! Funny signs and everything!
My dad had surgery in NYC my freshman year and so I took Taya. No, dogs were NOT allowed in my apartment. It was super snowy outside and we'd always have dog prints all around our front door. But I'm sneaky and we never got caught. Anytime I'd go anywhere, I'd taker her with me in my big.
Mary Jane and I had some fun midnight adventures! One night, at like 1am I jumped out of bed remembering that I had an astronomy observing project due the next morning. So... Mary Jane came to help and we ended up having lots of fun!
Freshman year we made my apartment a winter wonderland. Over 100 different handmade snowflakes!

But above all, my favorite part of Utah State is the wonderful friends I've made....

Natalie just graduated so she's leaving USU too.
this was taken at the very beginning of our freshman year...over 2 years ago.
On my last day in Logan we retook it!
I packed up all my stuff....
And said goodbye to my house and all of Logan!

Now I'm going to live in Provo! Adventure- HERE I COME!!



  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what good times!!! Oh my goodness this made me cry. Utah State is the best ever, it is so sad when the time comes to leave. Good thing the next phase of life always ends up being way better than you can ever imagine though. GO AGGIES!


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