Sunday, December 06, 2009

little house guest....

Dear Mom!

So there I was.... G had just left...Chalise, Kallie, and Ashley and I were all just chillin in the living room...I was sitting on the couch...out of the corner of my eye....I saw.....a mouse!!!!

My reaction time was a little slow and I just stared at it for a couple seconds....lifted up my feet....stared at it some more....and then yelled "A MOUSE!!!"

Of course all of us girls just fed of each others reactions and within seconds we were standing on the highest part of the couch screaming and Ash was calling the neighbor boys.

A minute later our dear friends Jordan and Nate came somersaulting through the door with safety goggles on and pellet guns in their hands. They shouted "everybody down...everybody down!"

We all searched the room but couldn't find any sign of it.

Then...we found a hole in the wall...the hole leads down to the basement....right where my room is.


I called Garrett and he calmly said "Kaela...just name it...then it'll be a pet rather than a scary intruder."

He knows me so well.

My new friends name is Herbie the mouse.


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