Tuesday, December 01, 2009

so much to do...but no complaints

Dear Utah State University!

Do you realize that I'm in my last two weeks at USU? Sad, huh?
This is the last week of classes! Finals are next week...it's going to be a breeze. THIS week is the rough one. Here is my to do list:
  • Persuasive rough drafts. due tuesday
  • Persuasive paper. 6-10 pages. due thursday.
  • Service learning paper. due tuesday.
  • Service learning flyer. due tuesday.
  • Opinion paper. due thursday.
  • Opposition paper. due thursday.
  • Astronomy poster/project on Black Holes. Woo. Due thursday.
  • Make cookies for English. Due tuesday.
  • Anthropology final paper. 4 pages. due friday.
  • 2 Anthropology book reports. 4 pages. Due friday.
  • Debate for Public Speaking class. Thursday.
  • Astronomy homework assignment.
Not too shabby, eh?
So, I should probably be writing a paper instead of writing on my blog. Oops.

Normally when I have a large to do list, like the one above, I get kinda discouraged and stressed out. But I'm not at all! I'm feelin great! Super motivated!
I think it's because I had such a great Thanksgiving break! Yup. It was soooo great!
Here's the update:

Tayler feeding me my sunglasses

Cutest niece ever :D
Leas and I -- LOVE her!

Thanksgiving feast!

Love this boy.
Tay didn't like the book, but G did.
Loved this! Ky and his little girl playing with the nativity figures
Garrett had fun shaving/shaping his beard....he loved it! I admit, it was legit!
Garrett's little sister Laren. Isn't she so pretty?! (I'm not even saying that to suck-up. She doesn't even know about my blog.) She's great! I'm a very very big fan of her!

Watching the Utah v BYU football game. And mom made him a hat! (notice that his beard is all the way shaved off? :D)

It was an excellent Thanksgiving break. I should've done a little more homework, but I was happy to spend all my time with people that I love. It was kind of a teaser for Christmas break! I'm so excited! Mom and Dad had all the Christmas decorations already up when I got into town! It made me so happy!
I can't wait to go back in 2 weeks!
But...until then...I'll just listen to Michael Mclean christmas music, take all the extra shifts at work that I can, pack up all my stuff, get ready to move, and finish my school to do list!

Christmas break will be the greatest!! No school to worry about. Hopefully I won't have to work. No stresses! And Park City with Tiffini for Christmas!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO excited for that!!!

Life is good!!! Very very very good! No complaints!

Thanks Utah State, you've been good to me!


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