Wednesday, January 20, 2010

as of late

Dear Mom,

Here's a uber quick update for you!


New Bedroom:

Getting to see this boy every day:

This was the Saturday before school started. A bunch of us went to downtown Provo and just walked around and window shopped and took pictures. It was great!!!

If you don't remember...G and I have some funny history with deer. That's why we had to take a picture!

First Day o' School!:
First day of school outfit!
G bought me 3 reeses heart things to celebrate the first day of school-ness!. They're my favorite!
Meeting G for lunch on campus!
It's soooo fun to get to see each other whenever we want!

Birthday Boy!!!
Garrett's 22nd birthday was on Sunday! It was really fun to be able to celebrate with him!
Since half of Sunday (his actual b-day) was spent driving to Provo, we celebrated on Monday!!! This is what we did:
  • Breakfast
  • Homework/School stuff
  • Played some pool!
  • Shopped around a little bit!
  • Tucanos for Din (and a 7$ piece of Chocolate cake!)
  • Square dancing for FHE
  • Movie!

So far this adventure has been excellent! Quite excellent!
I love my house!
I love my roommates!
I love Garrett!
I love Provo!
I love it all!

and I love you too, mom!


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