Thursday, January 28, 2010


Dear Mom,

Today is not the best day ever. But still okay!

Class starts in 10 minutes so I don't know why I even started this. Oh well.

This is how my week has been.

1. Computer= broken.
2. It's snowy...but not quite the level of freezingness that Logan normally is. And it's almost as beautiful as Logan is when it snows!
I miss Logan.
I think I'll be going to visit very soon.
3. For G's Birthday, I got him 2 fish. We named them Salmon and Spark/Sparky/Sparkster.
I paid 5 dolla per fish...because I really wanted them to last! 3 days after we got them, Sparks died. Dead. We decided that maybe my home would be a better and safer environment for Salmon. I call him Salm for short...pronounced Sam. He's a great little fish. We've had him for 11 days now. And he's still alive. He's a fighter!

That's all.

Love you.



  1. I have an idea! Lets take your computer, my gold car, and drop them off a cliff. Then we won't have to worry about them being dumb anymore!

  2. haha! that, dear sister, is a brilliant idea! just tell me when!


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