Wednesday, January 06, 2010

dear franklincovey,

i do not even like you.

although, i would love your jean chazky budget planner....
...with the phoebe binder- demask style
...with the photo insert
...with the plastic zipper bag accessory
...with the meal planning insert
...and the fitness/health tracker insert
....all in classic size.


so yeah. maybe you have some cool products. but i don't even like you.
working here for the past week and a half has been, lets be honest, zero fun...
like on a scale from 13 to 41. 13 being the most fun, 41 being the max lame. you've probably been like a 37.
okay. lies. probably really like only like a 32. but still. that's pretty bad.

the fact that i am literally dying to go to the beach doesn't make matters better.
is it even so much to ask? i haven't been to the beach in like 2.5 years. i'm seriously deprived.

yup. this is me having a temper tantrum.

okay. i better go before this gets even more dramatic.


p.s. sorry this post is sooooo not even great. I'm on hour 9 of 10 here at work. it gets boring.

1 comment:

  1. bahahaha!!! I miss you! And your cool judging scales. So Sad! :(


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