Friday, January 08, 2010

just call me karla

Dear Mom,

For the past two weeks I've been an employee of Franklincovey. Last week was training, this week was the real work. Leah's a legit employee for Franklincovey and heard that they needed some temp workers just for the first week of January. Apparently that's when everyone looks at their calendars and realizes their calendar pages ran out and they call to reorder. That was my job. Manual orders. This is what I stared at for 10.5 beautiful hours a day. 7am to 5:30pm. Yuck. Leah and I woke up at 5:45am every morning to get ready. Chase even woke up with us and packed our lunches and started our cars so they would be warm when we left at 6:20am. He's such a sweet husband/brother-in-law. Seriously though, he's so great! I love that brother of mine.
They gave me a decent little cubicle and everything. I just sat there and answered calls.

"Thank you for calling Franklincovey, this is Kaela. How can I help you?"
"Yes Karla, I need a new planer. I should be in your system."
"Okay, Because this is our busiest week of the year, we're taking all our orders manually and I don't have access to the system. But I can still help you make an order. Do you need an entire new planner, or are you just looking for the refill pages?"
"Oh ya, just the pages that go in my planner. I already have the binder"
"Okay, do you know what size and style you like?"
"Yeah, I just want the same thing I ordered last year. Just look that up and give me the same thing."
"Again, because of the mass amount of calls we're receiving this week we're taking all our orders manually which means I don't have access to the system or any previously placed orders. But we can easily figure out the exact pages you got last year and I can put in an order. Do you know the size and style and pages you have?"
"Oh. Well. I just usually have them look it up in the system. I get the same thing every year. Hmm. Fine. I think it's just the classic."
"Okay, Classic you know what style?"
"Okay, Classic is the size...we need to figure out the style....Do me a favor and look in the bottom right hand corner of the page and tell me what it says."
"I'm pretty sure it's just the classic."
"Classic is the size, the bottom right hand corner will tell us the style."
"Okay, it says....Franklincovey. All rights reserved."
"Alright, anything else."
"Oh yeah, it says Classic."
"Okay, that tells us the size you like. It should have another word Original or Cornerstone or Blooms....?"
"Uh....Franklincovey. All rights reserved. Classic.......Cornerstone."

It got old. That conversation is literally not an exaggeration. I repeated myself like 50 time during every call.
It was fun to work with Leah though. She is a real employee in the customer service section. She wakes up at 5:45 every morning! Bleh! When I didn't have the access or authority to help a customer, I'd transfer them to her group. I'd always wait on the line with the customer to announce the situation to the customer service rep. Every time I'd wait, hoping to get Leah. I never did...until my last day! It was fun!
We both had 10:30 lunch so we got to eat together everyday. And she'd usually stop by during her break and leave me little notes like this one.
Instead of working five 8-hour days, I worked four 10-hour days. So now I'm done!!! And I earned enough money to cover rent for this month and next month!

Today I slept in until 8:11. I felt so bad when I realized that Leah had already been at work for over an hour. Bleh. I don't know how she does it every day.

I really don't mean to only complain about the job. It really was such a blessing to get. I'm very grateful for the opportunity I had to work!

And now I'm officially living in Provo! I woke up in my new room this morning and everything! It's super cute! Last night I pulled up and G was here with a hammer. He helped me hang up all my pictures and really make the room mine! I love it! Maybe I'll post pictures!

Now I'm going to go make a dent on my 'to do' list!

Hope your today is great!


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  1. haha that conversation is EXACTLY how it is. It is SO annoying! People don't listen at all. It was really sad when you weren't there on Friday. I LOVED getting to see you on breaks.


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