Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Beck Taylor

Dear Leah,

Would you mind hurrying up and having that little tub o' love that's currently curled up inside your belly?

Remember when we were little and we'd put pillows in our shirts to make us look preggo? Now I'm the only one that has to stuff a pillow in there! (it looks pretty real huh? nope, it's not. just a pillow!)

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I'm so so so excited for little beck to be born! Even though it's fun to play with him when he's inside your belly...i bet it'll be even more fun when he's outside your belly!

You'll be the greatest mom in the whole world! I know this because I've seen you take care this little sister of yours for years. You have that patient, nurturing, playful, imaginative, motherly personality. It's always come so naturally. That's how I know you'll be great!

And Chase too! He'll be cutest little football/basketball/track/all sports coach/daddy ever! And I can just see Chasey sitting on the living room floor, sharing all his army men action figures with Beck.

That little boy is lucky to have such great parents!
...not to mention his favorite aunt only 40 minutes away!

Love you Leas!
Love you Chasey!
Love you Becks!

Aunt Kaela

1 comment:

  1. ahh kae thanks!!!! He is so lucky to have you as a wonderful aunt!! and P.S. You look dang cute pregnant! Maybe my next one (or the one after that) we'll get a real pic together!


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