Saturday, January 02, 2010


Dear Christmas Break,

For the most part, you have been excellent!
Here's why,

(In order of occurance.)

  1. Moving to Provo. Although I'm still slightly nervous, I'm so so excited! Provo seems nice. I stayed there for the first 3 days of Christmas break. My new house is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. (I'll put up pictures next week hopefully). My roommates seem really great! Bekah: She was one of my best friends in High School and she's really great! Molly: I've only met her once and she seemed super nice and fun! I'm just really excited for the adventure of starting over! I think it'll be really fun!

  2. Home sweet home. I only got to spend a total of 10 full days home during the whole break. Lame! But those 10 days were quite wonderful! I drove out to Boise where mom works and we had lunch a couple times which was really fun! I got to sleep in my own bed which I absolutely looove! I got to have good conversations with my parents. Every time I come home we always get into good long conversations. I love how easy it is to talk to them. And I got to spend a lot of time with this little girl!

3. PARK CITY W/ TIFF AND JOHN! This was definitely the highlight of my Christmas vacation! T and John rented the cutest condo ever! When we arrived they had pretty Christmas decorations and fragrance candles welcoming us! We felt right at home! We spent Christmas there and stayed until Sunday morning. Good thing Santa knew to find us there! He left his traditional Christmas letter which I thought was exceptional this year! Every year he writes a long (usually 3+ pages) letter to our family where he recaps the previous year and looks at the coming year. He has a paragraph for each of the kids! He usually gives us advice of some sort and then he always reminds us to remember the true meaning for the season! Leah and Chase came around noon on Christmas day! We waited for them before we read the Santa letter and opened presents! Chase, Dad, Tiffini, and John got to go skiing early on Saturday morning. Apparently all of them had some good spills and we even ended up getting some x-rays for John. Don't worry, he's okay! We also spent a lot of time playing with baby Beck! He's huge! I would be sitting next to Leah and all of a sudden her belly would catch my eye and it would be jiggling back and forth and all around. It was crazy! Leah would let me just sit there and feel her stomach for like half an hour while she read. The whole weekend was quite a blast! We played taboo, watched movies, went shopping in the down, cooked a lot, and just caught up. It was really fun to spend some relaxing quality time with both Tiffini and John.

4. Money. Leah got me a rockin temp job where she works. It's only 2.5 days of training and 5 days of actual work. The training was this past week and then I'll go back for a full week starting Monday. It's actually quite convenient because it didn't interfere with anything (except my relaxing Christmas break) and I get paid quite well!
5. Spending time with Leah and Chase. I stayed with them when I was working in Salt Lake. Leah came and woke me up at 5:45 every morning to get ready for work with her. Chase even got up with us and went upstairs and made our breakfasts, packed lunches, and warmed up the car for us! And then Leah and I would carpool to work! It was just fun to be with them so much...It reminded me of our days in Logan.
6. Getting to spend time with Mr. G. Frame. I sure love that boy! I didn't get to spend NEAR as much time with him as I would have liked. But after this next week of work, we'll get to spend as much time together as we'd like! I'm pretty dang excited to be living so close to him! I really love that boy. Even though I didn't get to spend millions of time with him this break, the time we did spend together was perfect! This picture was from New Years Eve! I was so happy to bring in 2010 with him by my side.

7. AVATAR! Favorite movie at the moment. Yup. Seen it twice already. And I'd love to see it again. GO SEE IT!!!! When I saw the previews I wasn't interested AT ALL. But it is seriously so so good! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I saw it in 3D both times! On Tuesday I went with Leah, Chase, and his siblings. And on Wednesday I went with Mom, Dad, Kyle, Jade, and Garrett. So so so great!
8. It's a New Year. I love starting fresh! I have a tradition where I make a list of all the monumental things that happened in the previous year and I make a list of the exciting things coming up in the coming year, and predictions for the coming year. I LOOOVE making both lists! It doesn't really have a real purpose except entertainment. I remember last years predictions list mentioned Garrett coming home from Australia. I had no idea what was going to happen! In my 2009 recap I'll get to mention all the great things that happened with him. Yup, 2009 was a great great year! And I have a feeling that 2010 will be even better!
9. I got a new camera! For Christmas, mom and dad got me a baby blue Cannon PowerShot Digital Elph Sd 1200. I love it so far! I have recently been trying to save up for a new good camera but I've ended up needing the money for rent or other things. So it was a perfect gift from them!
10. Noodle-oodle came to Boise for New Years! We went to see Blindside together on Friday and it was really fun. We didn't get to spend a ton of time together, but it's always great to see best friends! This picture wasn't from then...but I wanted to put it up anyways.

So, Christmas Break, thank you for treating me well! I wills surely surely miss you! Come back again soon!


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