Tuesday, January 19, 2010

today is going to be a GOOOOD day!

Dear Momther,

Today is gonna be a very very good day! Wanna know how I know....?

Because of THIS...See that car right there?
The little green one?
Mitsubishi Mirage?
(The one with a messed tail light...ya...just ignore that part)

...THAT car is MY car.
Yup it is.

Do you see where it's parked?


2nd spot in.

Practically the 2nd best spot in the entire UVU student parking lot.


That is how I know that today is going to be great!!!

I hope your today is just as wonderful!!!
LoooooVE YOU!!!


P.s. I have tons to update you on! Lots of fun pictures! Hold tight for my next post!

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