Saturday, February 06, 2010


Dearest Momther,

Your baby is officially 21 years old. I'm practically as old as I can get. Nothing new comes with age from here on out. Well...except when I turn 65 I get to get cool discounts for being so old. And when I turn 25 I'll be able to rent a car. So...I'm almost as old as I can get! Practically!
This kid in my class on Thursday found out that I'm turning 21 today and asked me what I was going to do. Not quite understanding the question, I just told him I'd be doing the usual..."dinner with family...maybe a movie...cake or something!" He just stared at me. Finally I remembered that 21 is the legal age to buy alcohol. Hah! The conversation ended with him saying "You and I live very different lives." It's true.
21 can brings on great things other than the ability to buy alcohol; for instance: I can officially apply to be on the bachelor now. Of course I would NEVER! But, if i wanted to...age wouldn't stop me! Also, If I still lived in Idaho I'd have to get a new license. But they don't do that in Utah. It just has a little thing that says "under 21 until 2/6/2010." Which is fine because I like my picture on my current ID. So I'll keep it! And even though I don't drink, if I was baking a recipe that called for white wine or something...I could buy it! honor of my 21st birthday being today, here are 21 random things about me. I'll just type them in the order that I think them. Here we go:

  1. One of my worst fears is that a spider will be in my shoe when I put it on. Anytime I feel anything abnormal in my shoe, I kind of freak out. Normally it's just a fold in my sock or something. It's actually never been a spider. But it scares me every time.
  2. I'm hungry right now.
  3. Going potty is so annoying to me. I just think it's such a waste of time. Normally I try to put it off for as long as possible. I'm probably going to have bad kidneys (?) when I get old.
  4. I like salad without the salad dressing.
  5. Every time I make the 4 (now 6) hour drive from school to home, my jaw is always sore the next day. I think this is because I get nervous when I drive and so I clench my jaw.
  6. I wake up at least once every night because my arm is asleep. This didn't ever used to started about 5 months ago and now it happens every night. It's really annoying and I don't know how to fix it.
  7. Borders is one of my favorite places to be in the whole entire wide world. I just love the whole atmosphere!
  8. But the best atmosphere in the world? BEDS of course! No complaints when I'm just laying in my bed.
  9. I used to always pick my nails. Short. So short. And you, mom, would beg me to stop. I remember once you even bribed me with $20 bucks if I let them grow out to your length. And I didn't even do it! It was impossible for me. But then, for some reason, when I went to college, BAM! I stopped picking my nails! And now they're a pretty and perfect for scratching backs length!
  10. I am madly in love with a boy named G. Frame and I'm going to marry him this summer.
  11. If I see something in a store and think "Ew...that is so ugly" I immediately want to buy it! I think this comes from my desire to not buy things that other people have. But my budget doesn't allow me to shop at any cool/special stores. So I just go to the regular stores and buy ugly things because I assume that no one else buys them. And I'm normally correct!
  12. I love planners! LOVE love them~when I get bored I just pull out my planner and browse.
  13. When I go to sleep, I NEVER let my feet hang off the bed! I've always been afraid of aliens. And once at a sleepover someone told a scary story about aliens under the bed... Ever since then, I do not let my feet hang off the bed. Sometimes I try to be brave and do it, but then I just picture a scary alien hand creeping up and grabbing my foot. I don't actually believe that this will happen...but I'd still rather not risk it.
  14. The boy whom I'm in love with just looked over and saw that he was number 10 on my list. He was not too pleased about this. He immediately looked at numbers 1-9 and sadly said "spiders? finger nails? potty?!" I told him it was just because I'm typing these as I think of them...and I'm ALWAYS thinking about him and so all the new things just came out first. He's so cute.
  15. Once when I was little I spilled some milk on the table. It spread all across the table and dripped onto the floor. I got a towel and started to wipe up the floor first. Leah came in and told me that if I wiped up the table first I could be more efficient. That way I wouldn't have to clean the floor again after the table milk kept dripping. I was annoyed and didn't want any help and I refused to clean the table first. This was the start of a very prideful habit of mine. Even when I'd get out of the shower I'd dry off my feet first. About 3 years ago I decided to put my pride away and listen to my big sisters helping advice.
  16. I've always liked the little trick of tossing some salt over your shoulder after you use some. I don't even know why this is. I think Leah once told me it keeps witches away or something. I remember that we had just watched hocus pocus. Maybe she was just trying to help me not be scared...or maybe that's really why people do it. Anyways, I always try to do it but the only time I do it is when I use the actual salt shaker. So I always just tipt he whole thing over my shoulder. I think it's supposed to be a specific shoulder...but I just do whichever one I feel like at the moment. It never quite works right though. WAY too much always comes out! And then, because of momentum or centrifugal force or gravity or something, it always keeps spraying out even when I bring it back up over my shoulder.
  17. I'm tone deaf. Yup. Even the voice lessons lady told me. So it's pretty much a massive deal if I ever sing in front of you. Only a few people in my life have actually been honored with this privilege. You know who you are. Be grateful.
  18. I do not buy food from Carls Jr. I am boycotting them because of their advertisements. I do not support them. Yuck. Even thought their food is soooo soo soo good!
  19. If I could be anywhere, I'd be in Africa. This has been the case for about 9 years. I just really really really want to go to Africa. And serve the under-privileged children there. One day I'll go. And it'll be the greatest thing ever!
  20. I can't fall asleep without socks on. Can't do it. I love me some socks.
  21. I love my fiance so so so so much! He just looked over and said "Baby, do you know how much I love you?" In response I held my arms out to show how much. I didn't open my arms up as much as they can go though. Only about half-way. I looked at him with a questioning look and said "um...this much?" He shook his head no. So then I opened my arms up as wide as they can go and said "well I love you this much....times a million!" and he said "Well I love you times a...." and I interrupted him and quickly spit out, "I love you times the biggest number in one....PLUS always one more than you love me!" Garrett got a pouty face and said, "that's what I was about to say but then you interrupted me, you meanie head." We both burst out laughing in the library! I love this boy more than I knew I could love.

Anyways, Mom, now your baby is 21 years of age! I feel that it is going to be quite a wonderful year! And I couldn't be happier!

Love you!


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