Wednesday, February 17, 2010

days like today....

make me wanna cry.

Dear Mother,

So today was one of those days.

This is how it started out.

I was trying to clean the bowl that we cooked BTS in the other day and it was sitting by the sink soaking. I don't remember exactly what I was doing but I reached for a paper towel and the next thing I knew, this happened...

Trust me, paper towels are quite a luxury in my poor college student budget. In fact, I didn't even buy this roll of paper towels. But I sure did ruin it. The whole thing. Ruined. Thanks.

Then I was just minding my own business when my knee decided to twist crazy out of control. I was simply getting up from the couch and it did something crazy and BAM! I could barely bend it for the rest of the day. It was awful. Nice.

Then, I waited all day long for my first day of work. Yup. Orientation at 4:30. Ya know that nervous, excited, dreading, can't wait feeling that you get when you start a new job. Yup, that was me all day. So I show up at 4:25 and ask the lady, "is this where orientation is." And she kind smiles weird at me and says, "Yeah...but you missed it." I was sure that this was some kind of 'oh you're not funny but you're my new boss so I'll crack a smile for you' joke. It wasn't a joke. Somewhere between yesterday and today I apparently lost my mind and was sure that orientation was from 4:30 to 6:30. Nope. 2:30 to 4:30. Luckly I still have a job. But I don't get to start until next Friday. 2:30 to 4:30. Remind me. Woo.

Oh but wait! Next weekend is the trip that Garrett and I have been waiting for for a few weeks now! Garrett has a really good buddy who lives in Vegas and so we were going to head over to see him next weekend. Leave early Friday morning, enjoy Vegas for the weekend, come home late Saturday night. But...Orientation 2:30 to 4:30. Sweet. See ya there...not. Yum.

That's not even all of it but I'll stop complaining.

Today actually had some up's too!

1. G and I shared a delicious breakfast of cinnamon toast crunch. Two spoons, one bowl.
2. We started registering at Target! It was really fun! G carried the gun around the whole time! We had a good time! The best part was when we got to the silverware isle. Garrett took a deep breath and started going on about how his parents still have the silverware that they got when the first got married. I didn't really take him seriously until he said, "This is probably the biggest decision I've had to make since asking you to marry me." He was dead serious. I picked up one very simple set and asked his opinion. He immediately said, "No, no, no, no. Way to modern. Nope. No. I don't like them at all." He was very passionate about not accepting these particular forks and knives. Turned out that he really didn't like that the end of the handle was squared. Apparently that's not his style. So we kept sorting through them. He once said, "I just don't know if any of these are going to make me excited to wake up in the morning and eat with them!" Finally we just gave up because it was too large of a decision. Maybe after we sleep on it for a couple nights we'll be able to make an educated silverware choice. I seriously could not stop laughing. I love that boy.
3. I got a new bag! It's like a travel bag! I still had some left-over birthday money that I decided to spend on this worthy bag! I love it! I would've used it next weekend for my Vegas trip...but wait, I was an idiot and missed today's orientation. Woooo!

Anyways, hopefully tomorrow will be better! HOPEFULLY!

Love you!


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  1. registering is SOOO fun!!!! Bed Bath and Beyond is a good place to go also. Best return policy ever and free shipping for out of town people sending gifts


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