Monday, February 15, 2010

the new me.

Dear Momther.

Oh hello!

Happy late Valentines day to you! You've always been such a great Valentine to me. But this year I had a real valentine! We decided to celebrate today since yesterday was super busy for us (more on that later). It's been really fun.
The only other valentines I've ever had were boys who would doorbell ditch a flower and chocolate at the door for me. And then the next day they'd be all expecting me to love them!? Psh....I never did.
But I DO love G-rett. And he didn't even doorbell ditch the gift on the front porch....he was standing right there looking like the cutest valentine ever.

It's been a pretty fun weekend! I think I'm probably most likely a different person than the person who came into this weekend. Did that make sense? I'm a different person today than I was on Friday morning. Here's why:

1. I am now an employed person. Yup. I am the newest employee for the Orem, UT Western Wats Call Center. See ya there.

2. Before last night, I've always taken pride in being someone who could say "I've NEVER hit an animal with my car." Not a squirrel not a bird not anything. But. Then yesterday. I hit a deer. Poor Ron (that's my cars name). So there I was....driving G home. (he lives in the foothills kinda and so it's not abnormal to see a deer or two at night.) So I was being cautious. I was going slow and had my brights on. And I was specifically watching for deer. And I wasn't seeing any. And then all of a sudden there was one bouncing off my front bumper. Yup. That's what happened. I immediately covered my eyes and started crying. G said Bambi just did a little roll and then got up and pranced away. Nonetheless, it was a traumatic experience and I will never be the same.

3. I was reunited with my bffffffffffffs! On Friday morning I was just a bff hungry soul. And now I feel like I've been recharged with bfffffness. Marjanny and Noodlie got here Friday afternoon. We had all kinds of adventures including, but not exclusive to:
  • mastering the task of making a j-dawg disappear into our bellies.
  • discovering the only thing better than disneyland (and apparently sex...but I wouldn't know).
  • we owned the mall!
  • found nemo!
  • Modeled the beauty of the swing that's outside my adorable place of residence.
  • and relived the entire 'new moon' experience.
  • also, we went to see the new movie 'Valentines Day.' I do not accept. Don't waste your money. If you must, wait until it comes out in redbox.

  • Where was I......Oh right!
4. I'm officially a bride in the making! There was a Bridal Fair in Provo this weekend and so of course G and I had to go! It was actually pretty cool! And I got a lot of really fun ideas! I had a lot of fun! There was also a hair school booth that was doing free updo's. So...I thought I'd try it out! It was really fun! She did a great job!

5. Also, I'm practically Australian now. Yup. Who woulda thought. As you know, Garrett served his mission in Sydney, Australia. Some of the Australians that he knew there happened to be in Provo this weekend so we got to spend a lot of time with them! It was really fun! Crystal was definitely my favorite! Apparently when G was in Australia she took care of him and the other missionaries a ton! She'd let them teach people at her apartment and she'd make them cookies all the time. It was SO fun to be able to get a bigger glimpse into his Australia world! I loved it! And I know they speak english and all....but I could not understand them for the life of me! By the end of it all I could probably understand about 60% of what they were saying! It was really fun though!

So, it was a real great weekend! I loved it! But I am definitely a different person now! Just FYI.

Love, you!


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