Monday, February 01, 2010

the story...

Dearest Momther,


Yup! Today the love of my life proposed to me!

Okay, so here's the actual detailed story...

Background information:
  • I am addicted to journals. I have been for about...6+ years. I just love them! And I am quite picky when it comes to buying a journal. It has to be great! In preparation, Garrett (about a week ago) casually asked me what my journal criteria were.
  • Also, I already wear 2 rings on a regular basis. One is a pearl ring that you and dad gave me from Hawaii. And the other is a CTR ring that Kyle gave me when I turned 16. I wear the CTR ring on my left hand pinky finger. I've always said "When I get engaged I'll start wearing my CTR ring on my right hand so that my wedding ring gets all my left hand attention." So about a week ago...Garrett started casually taking off my CTR ring...He'd just put it on his finger. His excuse was that it hurt his finger when he held my hand.
So, here we go!

It all started on Monday at 3:15. G told me that he had and early birthday present for me and that he'd give it to me after his last Monday class. I picked him up and he drove us to the park that we always go to. It's right above the temple and it's really pretty! For some reason we've just always ended up here. It's definitely become one of our "spots." He held my hand the whole way there, and of course, pulled off my CTR ring, (using his 'it hurts my fingers' excuse) leaving my left hand completely empty. He was really really I kinda wondered if this was when he'd propose...but he had mentioned that the ring wouldn't be ready for another 4 days, so I wasn't really banking on it.
It was a surprisingly beautiful day! Really really sunny and pretty warm outside, especially considering that it's still winter. He walked me up to this bench and pulled out my birthday present! It was a journal that he had made me with a collage of pictures of us on the front! I LOVED IT! And then he told me to open it! The first page was a really sweet letter that he had written me. I turned the page and saw that he had written the first entry in the journal. I said something along the lines of:
"February 1, 2010. ......Today was a fantastic day...Today was the day I asked my sweetheart to marry me for time and all eternity....Blah blah blah....

And then he got down on one knee and pulled out my ring! I pretty much just jumped on him and started squealing and kissing him! He asked me if I would marry him, and of course I said YES! I am the fiance of Mr. Craig Garrett Frame! I sure do love that boy and I can't wait to for real marry him! The ring is, of course, gorgeous and exactly how I pictured!
A couple minutes after the actual proposal, a little family came and started sledding, which was great because we got them to take a picture for us! Here are all the pictures of the day:


the goods!

ring and journal...and the sun in my eyes!

after the little sledding family came!

we look kinda obese...hah!

favorite favorite!

the park...this pic doesn't even do it justice!

journal and ring!

love him!

love the ring!

afterward, he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner. He offered outback...but then both of us were really craving we went to ihop instead!
It really was quite an amazing day! After making a bunch of phone calls to our families, we went to tell Garrett's Grandma. She's just the sweetest lady! She held my hand and gave me a warm welcome into the family! It wasn't until she said "So...There's going to be another Mrs. Frame!" that it really sunk in! I'm so excited!

So...keep your schedule open for August 21st! That's the big day!

Love you!
Love him!


  1. Cute ring!

    I said to my roommate "they looks so cute, happy, and in love!" So I thought I'd tell you that too!

  2. That is the BEST engagement story! He sure did good, YOU sure did good picking HIM! And also, your ring is GORGEOUS!!!


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