Thursday, February 11, 2010

my week...shot by shot....

Dear Mom. This is my week. Thus far. Tomorrow Marjanny and Nootalie come so be prepared for even more pictures! As for now, this is how my week was. Here we go:

Oh hello there...lets get married, yes?

G is in a speech class. He had to do a 'how to' speech. I suggested 'how to frost a cupcake."
Beautifully delicious.
Off to the gym. This is real early for me.

Just because there's not much snow doesn't mean one can't slip and fall on their bum in front of the neighbors who are walking to school.

Woah! Check out that ring!

Hmmm....tiffini would want me to do my grocery shopping at this location.

Mmmm! My new friend!

Best Friend Marjanny made this mix awhile ago. Pure brilliance.

Goin to the gym! goin to the gym! I'm going toooo theeee gymmmmm!

Zumba? Ouch! My body hurts. All over.

Oh hello there best friend!

Woah! Hello other best friend!

LOVE my living room!

Hey Garrett....Lets move in together on August 21, 2010

I accept.

Oh! Well hello there Mr Tuffy!!!

Clean room!!! VICTORY!

Don't eat it Kaela...DON'T eat it!

Man, someone needs to do the dishes.

oh no....

ugh! death!

much better.

Dearest Nephi, You inspire me in every way possible!

I woke up a bronco's fan!

And left the house a jazz fan! (even though they lost to the lakers last night)

The beautiful location from which my engagement ring was purchased.
also it's cold.

Decent. I accept.

"However, you were not selected for the position."

Nice, UVU, nice.

Hey smoker people who are waking 4 feet in front of me...don't worry, I'll just hold my breath the whole time I'm behind you so that you don't kill me with your stupid and inconsiderate and selfish choices.

Instead of buying 100$ text books...I just go to the library, check them out for a little while, and take pictures of all the pages I'm supposed to read. Much cheaper and more convenient.

Cold. p.s. thanks for the hat mom!

The crust is the worst part....the middle is the best part!

Wish my shoes didn't have holes in em.

Please computer....PLEASE work for me!


Time to study. Can't find note cards. I'll make my own! Even better!

I ate the cupcake.
I just didn't want to document it.
But I assure you, documented or not, I ate it.

Woo lets put frills on to cook some din!

Guess who does the dishes in her spare time?!
Yup, yours truly.
I don't even mind it tooo much.

especially when I get to clean in style!

Meatballs and mashed potatoes.

set the table!

Practice my spanish with espanol conversation hearts!

patiently waiting for fiance to get here....

oh! I'll clean salm and rudolph's bowl!



still waiting....

I've never been a very patient person.

he's supposed to be here in 2 minutes!

shoot! that clock's fast....still five more minutes.... close are you?

hoooooray! dinner time with my fiance!


I picked one that does the dishes too...

The end. As you can tell. My week has been a slight bit boring. Maybe I'll make some pretend adventures for next week or something. We'll see.

Love you!


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