Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Dearest Mom,

I'm pretty sure ZUMBA has moved up to my top 5 favorite things to do list! I LoooooVE it!
It's a really high energy cardio dance class. It's mainly salsa dancing...but then they throw in some other styles too. Like today we did some hip hop, western, and like 50's dancing. It was so fun! I put a video on here just to give you the idea! Watch for at least the first minute! Except this instructor lady isn't nearly as energetic as my instructor. She's no joke! Basically we just jumped around and danced and worked muscles I never knew I even had for over an hour. This video may not look like a big deal...but it seriously rocks! I laugh at myself a lot because I don't have much coordination...but it's SO fun that I know I'll go back even though I look like a fool!

I can't say enough about zumba! It's so fun! And it's a really really good work out! I came home after my class and just crashed on my floor for like 15 minutes! It works ALL your muscles but you don't even realize that you're dying of tiredness because you're having so much fun!
Anyone who has the chance to go to a zumba class.....YOU HAVE TO GO!!! You won't regret it!
Woo for being healthy!

Anyways! I LOVE YOU!!!


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