Saturday, March 06, 2010

dear everyone who's asleep,

i am awake right now. and i am muy tired. one might ask why, then, am i still awake. my answer is legit, don't worry. mr beck james taylor has jaundice. and so he has to sleep under this uv light thing. and someone has to watch him at all times. and that someone just happens to be his favorite aunt. also known as me.
so here i am. at 3:52am.
and all i've done is stare at this little miracle all night. and i can't even complain. i couldn't be happier. i know i'm just his aunt, but i love this little beck more than words can express. and i'd do anything for him. even stay up all night to watch him sleep under uv lights.
so. now i think i'm going to get the cookie dough ice cream that has been calling my name. and i'm going to sit down and continue to watch this little miracle sleep.
that's all.

aunt kaela

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    k- this is a cute wedding sign-in idea... what a cute wall picture it would make...


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