Wednesday, March 17, 2010

headache but happy

Dear Mom,

I had a request to post more. So I tried it. And I found that my posts became kinda short and unoriginal and not very thoughtful. So here's a more in-depth one. Yes, it's long. Sorry. It's really not even that interesting. But feel free to read if you wish:

My email is giving me such a headache right now. I've had my specific hotmail email account for probably 5 years or more. I never gave that email address out to anyone unsafe because I didn't want to start getting junk emails....well about 2 weeks ago I started getting all kinds of junk.

I figured I'd just deal with it until August 21st because then I could change my email to something cute like kaelaframe or kframe or k.frame or k.e.frame.....I seriously day dreamed about this exciting benefit of marriage for days!

Then today....I was sitting at work when my dearest friend Greg sent me a text informing me that I had just sent him an email about a certain sexual dysfunction medication. He advised me to change my password because my email account had more than likely been hacked.


I quickly texted G and asked him to change my password. He looked and apparently I had sent this email to not only Greg, but also: my parents, Garrett, Garrett's parents, my EFY employers, the people who are interested in buying my housing contract for this summer, and lots of other important people who shouldn't be receiving sexual dysfunction medication emails from me.

Headache arrival.

So then I thought...."what if switching my password doesn't fix anything....I can't keep sending inappropriate emails to important people......well what if I just switch my entire email address now........would I switch it something like I'm not Kaela Frame yet.......doesn't that look super lame.............but it would also be super lame to switch it to something like and then switch it again in August when I get married...............maybe I'll just give up on the 'kframe'..........ugh.........but that's a great benefit of getting i don't wanna keep signing in as kaela enzler when i'm not even kaela enzler anymore.........maybe i should just keep my old hacked email until august.......but what if it sends emails out again.......what should I switch it to......."

This is literally how my thought process went. I finally decided that I was going to switch it. But I didn't want to trust hotmail anymore......and I heard that gmail was pretty I already have a gmail that is attached to this blog. But it's a 'kaela enzler' email address. And I kinda just want to go with the 'kaela frame' thing. So I made a 'kaela frame' email address on gmail!

Headache still here....

And then I went to sign into my blog and thought...."Oh, I want my 'kaela frame' email to be attached to this blog....not my 'kaela enzler' email."

45 minutes went by and I still couldn't figure out how to switch my dang default email.

I gave up. Hopefully this headache will give up too.

Okay, that was probably WAY more information than you were wanting about a stupid email problem....but it's kind of consumed my whole day! Bleh!

Anyways! Don't worry because I'm still happy!

I've been thinking a lot about wedding plans lately. Which is quite fitting because I am getting murried! Wooo!

I kinda took forever to decide on colors that I wanted. Like a month and a half. I knew that I wanted black and white and some accent color.....but I kept switching between: red, mauve, and gold. And I couldn't really fall in love with anything. And then I realized that the only thing I'm really in love with is just plain black and white. SO.......that's my final answer!

Wedding colors= black and white.

Yup. That's it. I know it might seem kind boring and dull. Especially in the summer. But I think it'll be classy and beautiful. So I'm sticking with it!

I want all the wedding party to be dressed in black. I stole this idea from Dara who did this for her wedding and it made it so beautiful! The pictures turned out so cute! Here's one of the casual pictures that made me wanna do black:

And then I want everything else to be mostly white. Flowers. Tablecloth (except maybe with some black lace on top). Really I just want mainly white with some black accents.

I kinda want my flowers to be something like this!

Pretty right?

Maybe something like THIS in my hair:

As you know, I already have my dress!

Of course I'm not gonna post any pictures of that......but lets just say that it's perfect for me!!! I absolutely ADORE it! It's probably a good thing that it won't be here until the end of May or I'd wear it non-stop.

Okay. I'm done.

I'll update with real pictures soon! Hopefully by the end of the weekend!

love you love you love you love you!



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  1. Hey chickie! I'm SO excited to see this post. You will LOVE having black and white as your colors. It looks so fantastic in pictures. Your wedding is going to be gorgeous.


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