Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i am.

Dear Me,

I accept you. Yup. I do.

Learning to accept myself was a challenge at times.

In order to accept myself, I had to figure out exactly what it was that I was accepting.
Did that make sense?
......In order to truly accept myself, first I had to truly learn who I was!
This was also challenging at times.
It was/IS a journey.

First I had to learn my worth as a Daughter of God.
I would easily say that that is who I am first and foremost.

I am Kaela. I am an Enzler. Soon to be a Frame.
I am a girl. I am a tall girl.
I am one big imagination.
I am magic.
It's true. Leah taught me this at a very young age. We're BOTH magic actually. Truth.
I am a camper, swimmer, summer player, music listener, cook, best friend, hard-worker, gym goer, beach lover, simple, complex, dancing ME.I am a sister.
I am a decent driver.
I am a fish owner and a picture taker.
I am a food eater.
I am my mom's baby and my dad's baby doll.
I am a messy room keeper.
I am one who loves.
I am an aunt.
I am an avid pretender.
I am Garrett's fiance.
I am a learner. And a teacher.
I am a mother in the making.
I am the youngest in my family....but I still have lots of little sisters.
I am a thinker. an analyzer. a psychology major.
I am funny. To myself.
I am a kisser.
I am a jumper. a skipper. a saunter-er (as my mother sometimes says)
I am a love lover!

I am a lot of things.
But....MOSTLY....I am a daughter of God.

NO title makes me happier than this one.

That's all I have to say.

Love YOU!



  1. I LOVE this post Kae! I LOVE you!!

  2. yup. you are adorable. and, great minds think alike??!!
    i wish i knew as much as you do when i was your age... you'll be a GREAT wife and mother!


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