Monday, March 01, 2010

my favorite nephew!

Dear Mom,

I know you're sad because you can't be here to see the newest branch of our family tree. So I took tons of pictures for you!
He's SO cute! Just an attractive little baby! And I'm not even saying that because he's my favorite nephew and I might be a little bias. He REALLY is a good lookin little guy! Chasey was beaming the whole time we were there! Just so happy! And every time we switched holding him between Garrett and I, Chase would stand up and do the actual switching. I couldn't figure out if he was being cautious because he thought we were going to drop him, or if he was just trying to get a little quick hold of his new baby. Probably a mixture of both. Leah looks great too. I could tell she was exhausted (you could see it in her face), but she was smiling and acting like her usual happy self. She really did look great too! Especially after just going through labor! She looked beautiful! And she looked so happy when she was holding her sweet baby boy! I couldn't be more happy for them! are the pictures!



  1. sooo sweet!!
    does he have a name yet???

  2. Oh my gosh, he is sooooo cute!!! Thanks for posting the pictures :)

  3. jen, he does have a name but i'll let Leah be the one to tell. She'll be home from the hospital tomorrow and then she'll blog as soon as she gets a second.

  4. Hey Kaela! I like to look at your blog so don't think I am a creeper! :) You are a great writer by the way, and I love the whole idea of your blog. I am glad you had more pictures up of the cute little guy! Leah sent me a text picture, but you know those just don't do justice. I am so glad everyone is feeling well. He is a darling boy and you will love being his aunt!


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