Friday, March 05, 2010

a reason to smile

dear mom,
today i have a lot of reasons to smile.
one of those reasons was the beautifully empty gym this morning. every machine i wanted was open.
another reason was that i think i am another step closer to finding a job.
another reason is hot chocolate. in my HUG MUG! leah and chase got me a max brenner hot chocolate kit for christmas. it came with 2 hug mugs, a cute case of hot chocolate, and some delicious hot chocolate nutmeg seasoning stuff. i smiled the whole time i was drinking.
another reason is mr. g frame. i just love that boy. more than i ever knew i could love. and i feel so blessed to have him.
and also mr beck james taylor. he is such a great reason to smile.
i am also smiling about you guys coming tonight! can't wait to see you!

the end.

lub you.


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