Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shout-out to Natalie!

I would like to dedicate this letter to Natlie.Nat.Natl.Nataloo.Noodle.Noodle-oodle.Noot.

I'll start off by saying....
!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Remember yesterday when I was just sitting here in Provo? And then Mary Jane texted me and invited me to come to your surprise b-day party? Mary Jane and I invite each other to things all the time even though we live in separate cities. We've never really taken each other up on any offers before......
I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to see YOU, my best friend on your birthday!
And a night with the girls is always nice on the brain!

So, I dropped G off at his 4 o'clock class and ventured off to LogANNNN!
Now, I don't really have any money to be spent on trips to Logan, but I justified it because I had soooo much dirty laundry! And our old casa has a free washer and dryer! So therein I found my perfect justification!
I tried to fill up Ron with gas before we left. Who would have thought that this would be a troublesome experience. Well...ya see, the gas cap on Ron has a plastic string attached to it so that the cap stays attached even when it's unscrewed. So I went to open the little door to the gas tank, and it wouldn't open. I could see barely enough in to see that the little string had somehow gotten caught and prevented the gas door from opening.
Now, here's where your imagination should come in. Picture me. At a gas station. Bent over my car. For TWENTY minutes. Trying to simply open the little door to my gas tank. I broke two pens in the process. I probably looked like such an idiot.
I went to go my third pen victim when I spotted some scissors!
Anyways, I finally made it to the land where my heart resides! I couldn't help but smile as I came out of the canyon and could see all of Logan stretched before my eyes! Made my heart happy! Mary Jane and I quickly dropped off Load #1 of laundry and headed to the store to purchase you 21 things to celebrate your 21st b-day! I, of course, was present numero uno!

After el party, MJ and I decided to perform a little musical treat.
This is basically our announcement video to the world. WE HAVE ARRIVED! Kristin Chenoweth and Idina out!
(Viewers: Prepare yourselves for the attractive choking on my saliva that I demonstrate. Yes, it happens. I decided to post the vid anyways. Make fun if you want. I accept)
[Insert here: video of us singing defying gravity.][false][don't you love it when computer's refuse to download correctly][i'll try to figure something out tomorrow][sorry]
(In all honesty...this is something that Mare-jan and I do on a regular basis. Yes, we know we sound awful. But isn't this what best friendships are all about? We have fun.)

After our performance....we were pretty exhausted. Obviously. So we all headed over to Marjans new friends place. Of course we have to approve. And I DO approve. Mainly because of this rockin contrabulation that they had.

MAYBE someday I'll post a video of this beautiful contrabulation when it is ON. Crazy things happen!

Anyways! Natalie! This one's for you! I love you! You've been my best friend from that first moment that you hiked your sweat pants up past your waist and let me take a picture! That's when I knew we had something special in a friendship!

Happy Birthday my best friend!
Love you!


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