Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thank You!!!

Dear Millie,

I LOVE how in love I am with your daughter. She's fantastic. She's always on my mind... throughout class, work, studying... I never stop thinking about her. I CAN'T stop thinking about her. She's my best friend and I can't live without her. She builds me up, she is encouraging, she makes me want to be my best self. She's fun, and happy, and energetic. She is a hard worker. And she plays as hard as she works. She is loving and patient and understanding. She's also forgiving. She lives with the understanding that she is a precious daughter of our Heavenly Father. She is Christlike. She is respectful of others. She is so faithful and a wonderful example to those around her. She is going to be a wonderful mother someday. There is no one on this planet I would rather be with for the rest of eternity!!! I owe everything to you and your husband for raising such a wonderful daughter. Thank you!
I LOVE how in love I am with your daughter.

With admiration,


p.s. I guessed Kaela's password... Shhhhhh.


  1. mmm i love you baby! this was such a nice surprise :D
    see ya in 5 days! can't wait!

  2. bahahaaa...at first I thought it was kaela writing this about one of her friends from Utah State. And then it started to get confusing around the "for the rest of eternity" part.


  3. Garrett-you're pretty much off the charts on the points scale right now. (Not that you were ever lacking in that area) I'm so glad you appreciate how wonderful my sister is...and I am so glad she is marrying someone so deserving. Welcome to the family man!!


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