Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dear Future Home,

I think about you all the time!

I think about Garrett and I coming home from our honey-moon and walking through our new-front door! I think about all the great things I want you to be!
You've been on my mind for a few weeks now! A lot of planning is going to go into you!

These are some of the characteristics that I want you to be:
  • simple
  • unique
  • but still classy
  • very much OURS
  • fun
  • cozy
  • homey
  • open
  • nice...but inexpensive
Here are some of my idea's so far!

I want a kitchen table like this. Do you think I could just find a garage sale table? I could sand it and stain it black? and then just find any mismatched chairs?! I don't know much about all this stuff....but that seems possible right? I want to do something crafty with letters that spell our last name. I was thinking maybe something like this. But then I also thought it would be fun to make it a collage of pictures of G and I. Again, I don't really know how I'd do this....but I'd figure it out as I go....maybe?

Garrett and I always talk about our 'some-days.' One of our most thought-of 'some-days' is: Someday when we're first married, we'll sit on our old DI or garage sale couch and read/watch movies/do homework/etc! And I'm SO excited for this! I know that we'll have a crappy couch as newly weds....but I was thinking that maybe I could spice it up with some nice pillows?
Also, I really want a fun accent piece of furniture. It could be the coffee table....or maybe a fun little chair.....or a crazy art piece! I don't know....just something fun and unique to be an accent!
Also, I want you to be kind of empty-ish.....maybe that's not the best word. I want you to be simple! Not too much clutter or too much of anything really! For instance, I don't want books or picture frames, or little gadgets on everything. I only want pictures to be on the wall. I really like the frames on this wall. I think I could get some really cheap thrift-store frames and paint them fun My roommates have a wall that has artistic pictures from all the fun places they've traveled. Maybe we'll do that too....?
I saw these and thought that maybe I could make some for our bathroom:
I've also seen some pictures of using unique JARS as decorations. They had like 7-10 unique shaped/colored/sized jars all lined up above the stove or something.....and it looked really cool. Maybe I could start looking for some cool jars at garage sales this summer? Hmmm...

I don't really know what I'm talking about. I just have this idea for what I want you to be like.....and I'm trying to figure out a way to accomplish that vision. Maybe it's too expensive.....but that's where bargain hunting and crafting comes in right?! Hmmmm!

Also, this doesn't really apply to decorating you....but I kinda wanna start wearing lipstick. I know this might sound silly. But it's true. I think it'll try it out in NYC next week. New York just seems like a great place to style-experiment! This idea came from my dearest rock star diaries. And a little bit from watching the Notebook twice this past weekend.... I think I might take a visit to the craft store to pick out some frames/cardboard letters/anything fun....and to Sally's beauty supply to maybe pick out some lip stick! We'll see though....I don't know if I can quite pull it off!

Wish me luck!

K I love you! Please love me back!


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  1. CUTE ideas!!! You HAVE to check out this blog - It's a blog about this young couple that decorates everything very classy and affordably.


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