Monday, March 01, 2010

what happens in vegas....

Dear Mom,

Don't worry.
Garrett and I did not sneak off and get married this weekend.
But we did have a lot of fun!

Garrett, his best friend Brandon, and I all hit the road Friday afternoon. The 5-hour drive to Vegas is so beautiful! Southern Utah is truly a sight to see. I should've taken pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't really take many pictures at all this weekend.
We visited G and B's best childhood friend. Jordan. He's a nice kid. It was fun to see them all interact together. He basically just drove us around to all the cool sights all weekend.
On friday night we hit up the strip. Honestly, it was an experience I would have rather lived without. I just didn't enjoy the atmosphere. It had the energy and the scenery of New York City, but it had so many bad things going on. I'd much rather just go to NYC and see Tiffini! These were some of the cool things we saw though:

So there's this place called city center. It's basically like a hotel that is it's own city. They built it with the intentions of their guests never having to leave. There's shopping, entertainment, restaurants, grocery was pretty rad. This was an art piece that they had. It's pillars of ice that are constantly melting. And then when they're melted they go rebuild them.

We also got to see the really cool fountain show in front of the bellagio. It was so beautiful! I was very impressed. And this great magician guy came up and started showing us all these tricks. He asked to do a trick with one of my rings....and Garrett put his foot down. It was pretty funny!

On Saturday we kinda just hung out at Jordan's house. And then that night he took us to see the Hoover Dam and this crazy scary high new bridge that they're building. It was insane! It was too dark to take a picture but here's some that I found online.

Also, THIS is the only picture I got of us four.
Jordan, Garrett, Me, and B.
It was a good trip! But I'm happy to be home!
Especially because I OFFICIALLY have a nephew!
G and I are going to drive to Salt Lake in half an hour to go see them!

I can't wait!

Leah sent me a picture today while I was at the gym and I started crying. hah! I just love that little baby so much already!

Anyways, I better go get ready!
Can't wait to see you this weekend, Mom!


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