Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dear New York City,

There are so many reasons I love you. love. love. love. LOVE. you!
Here are my top 10 reasons why you have a piece of my heart!

  1. Tiffini. T has lived here for something like 8 years...or something like that. And she sure does take care of me when I come visit! Every time I've visited T here (which has been a lot) she's gone above and beyond to make it a special trip for me. She's planned everything from VIP tickets to be on TRL, broadway shows, lots and lots of manicures, pedicures, personal police boat tours to the statue of liberty/ellis island/etc, amazing food, and the best shopping a gal could ask for. And that's just the start of it! She's the reason I have such a great love for New York City. I'm so glad I got to come early this week to spend time with her! We had so much fun! The weather was kinda sucky....but Tiff still made it AWESOME of course! And it was great to just spend one-on-one time with her. I really had so much fun and I'm grateful that she takes such good care of me!

2. John. John is funny! My favorite line of the week was when we were at one of our delicious dinners....I don't remember the exact situation, but Tiffini was talking about one of her life dreams or something and John said, "Never give up on your dreams...Once I dreampt that a beautiful woman would come into my life and and I GOT IT!" Maybe you had to be there....but it was SO funny! He's such a kind and humurous guy and I'm quite a fan of him!

3. Family! Most of my relatives live on the east coast and so sometimes when I come here I get to see cousins! On Tuesday we were able to have dinner with Tracy and Carissa, and Amy was there too....she's practically a cousin as well! I don't get to see family much so it's always such a treat to be able to catch up! Let me just tell you, OUR FAMILY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. SHOPPING! New York shopping is the BEST! I got some wonderful birthday presents from Tiffini! And then I got G-rett, Leah, and mom some fun stuff. It was really hard to shop for myself....I tried on lots of different styles and luckily Tiff and I were able to find some super cute stuff! Here are some of the stuff that I tried on but didn't buy. Shopping in the Big Apple is so much fun! And Tiffini is the best friend/sister to go with! And if she's not there...Axel fills in quite nicely!

5. The FOOD!!!! One thing Tiffini sure spoiled me with was the food! The first day I was here Tiff pulled out this murky green organic cucumber juice. I took one sip and was reminded of the movie 'Baby Mama' when the prego girl is asked to start eating organic, and she says, "No thanks, that crap's for rich people who hate themselves." Seriously, that's the line I thought of. But then it actually turned out to be really REALLY good! Well...the cucumber juice was still pretty grosso....when Tiff went into the other room, I poured mine into her glass :D. But we ate fresh/organic/healthy food all week and it so yumm! I also had some of the best sushi and seafood and steak and pasta and enchilada's (with crab) and guacamole of my life! LooooooVE the New York foooood!

6. The New Yorkers. I don't care what anyone says...the people here are so great! I seriously see at least one person every day walking down the street with their ipod in and singing at the top of their lungs. So great! And they're really really nice! And boy, do they love their dogs! These puppies can practically come into any store with me! It's great! And the people are happy and energetic and they're super nice too. Sometimes Yogi will cut someone off on the sidewalk and almost make them trip, and they just smile and graciously let us go on our way. Yup, there are definitely some crazies. And there are some strangly dressed people. But overall, they're pretty normal and nice!

7. The buildings! This might be weird, but I kind of consider the buildings in New York to be a different kind of nature. Yup. Nature. There is mountain nature, beach nature, forest nature, and building nature.

8. The Art! Madison Square Park has tons of little art features all over the place. The highlight right now is man statues all over the place. It's so cool! There are 31 total. All over the place. On the sidewalk, in the park, on top of's sooooo cool! See if you can spot the men in these pictures below. There is at least one in every picture!

9. The street fairs! Today I went to Union Square and it was a huge fair! There was tons of organic fruit and veggie stands, and bread stands, and flower tables, and millions of dogs! And they were also having an art protest so there were tons of people who were selling all kinds of art: clothes, paintings, pictures, jars, journals, etc! And then of course there were the regulars....the guys who have a daily stand with sunglasses/purses/jewelery! One of the purse vendors was sitting right next to his table while he was gluing fake 'prada' tags on all the purses! Funny Fella!

10. The events! Today there was a massive pillow fight in Union Square! I forgot my camera and my pillow! And Axel was with me and he probably wouldn't have liked it very much! But it looked crazy!

So yup....those are the top 10 reasons why I love the city.

But....I have to say that there was one massive reason why NYC wasn't as great as normal:
  1. This guy wasn't with me..... :(

Can't wait to see him in less than 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall, the trip has been a total blast and I feel so lucky to have been able to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you NYC!!!!
Thanks for treatin me so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll come back asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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