Thursday, April 15, 2010

eleven special things

Dear Mom,

Garrett leaves for Mississippi in 8 days.

He'll be gone for the entire summer. Well...practically.
He'll come visit me for 5 days half way through the summer.
And then he'll come home at least a week before the wedding.

Basically we have like 20 days left together before the wedding!

Sometimes we act like our wedding is in only 20 days instead of 128. Bleh.
But only 20 of those days matter. So it's practically true!


On Monday I was getting pretty down about only having 11 days left with him before he leaves for the summer.

I'm really not too excited about this whole summer sales thing. It's going to be hard. And not even any fun at all. But I know that it will be good for us as we start our new little family.
So in order to help myself become more accepting of this lonely summer, I decided to implement a couple little activities!

One of those activities is already in action!

I tried to think of a cutesy/clever name....but all I could think of was '11 special things.'

Boring, I know.

So we only had 11 days left together, and we decided to do something really fun everyday!
at least ONE really fun activity! And of course, we have to document it!

Monday was the first day and it was my turn to decide what we would do! So while Garrett was studying on campus, I rushed home and surprised him with a super special dinner. We actually make a nice dinner on most nights of the week, but this one was going to blow the rest of them out of the water!

I rushed to the store and picked up some shrimp and steak. Trust me, those are unheard of in the college community! So I was really excited! And I've never cooked steak without a broiler pan or a I knew it was going to be an adventure!

When Garrett got to my house, I had really yum spinach salads with crumbly special cheese (i don't know the special name), dried fruit, and candied nuts. It was pretty yumm.
I also made homemade mashed potatoes (yes, made from literal potatoes, not just the food-storage pearls!), gravy, shrimp cooked in butter and old bay seasoning...yummm, fruit smoothies for a drink, and some steak!
I was pretty impressed with myself.

But I accidentally cooked the steak too much. I looked on and she taught me how to cook it without a grill or broiler pan or george foreman. I just heated up some oil and seasoning in a pan, stuck in the steak and kept spinning it until it was fully browned. Apparently this is called pan searing or something? And then I stuck it in a preheated oven (400 degrees) and left it there for a little while. I think I left it for like 3 minutes too long.
I was pretty disappointed in myself but G was sweet and told me, "if you made steak exactly like this for the rest of our lives, I'd be 100% completely satisfied."
It was just 'well' done. I'm more of a 'medium' kinda girl. I like a little red! Mmm!

Anyways! So that was the 11 special things kick-of!

Special thing #2 was Garrett's turn. He thought of like 4 things that ended up falling through. He was pretty bummed! But then he took me to this great smoothie shop and bought us this cool drink that he had all the time when he was on his mission in Australia!
It was pretty good! It was like a slushy with little black jelly's in the bottom! He said it wasn't nearly as good as they are in Australia, but I still liked it!

Last night's special thing #3 was my turn! We sat on the floor and finger painted while watching Glee! I painted the same thing I painted with Marjanny in one of our Independent Studies and he painted us on our wedding day...but I switched up the colors a bit. He was so nervous to start. His painty finger lingered above his canvas board forever while he kept saying, "But once I put my finger down it'll be permanent!" I was soo impressed at his painting though! It was really fun! And I'm loving the fact that Glee is back on!!! Wooo!

excuse the fact I'm not wearing any make-up

Anyways! So that's the update!

He's in charge of special thing #4 tonight and I'm excited to see what he plans! I'll keep ya posted!

Love yous!

Love, Kaela

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