Tuesday, April 13, 2010

how to train your dragon

Dear Mom,

So there is a new movie out that called How To Train Your Dragon.....For purposes pertaining to this post, I'd like to change that to How To Train Your Dog.

Last week when I was in NYC, I became a PRO dog trainer! Not even a joke!

I'd like for you to meet:

Mr. Axel

And Mrs. Yogi

Axel is THE BEST dog I've ever met in my entire life. Not a joke. Bear, Penny, and even Taya are pretty good dogs....but they don't have anything on Axel. He is the most obedient, happy, loving dog. He is soooo good!
Yogi is on her way to being that good....but she's just a puppy. She tries. And that counts! She's really good, she just does a couple un-ideal things. For instance, she pees every time you give her attention. Yup. So don't do it. You might be tempted...but you just gotta resist!!!

Having a dog in New York City might seem kinda silly. There are a couple things that are a little harder...like taking them on walks around the block doesn't seem as great as running with Taya on the golf course. But! They love their dogs in New York City! They love them so much that most of the stores let you bring the dogs in! No joke! Axe came shopping with me like every day!

Here are the things that I learned. I'm practically the dog-whisperer now!!!

If you love them, they'll love you. I stepped out of the cab after just getting to NY and Tiff immediately said, "Give Axel attention...he can tell when you don't like him!" It's true! They aren't stupid!

They are curious little fella's!

Never leave your house without one of these! Luckily, I remembered every time! A couple times I reached in the wrong pocket and couldn't find the bags right away....my heart started racing! It's just completely unacceptable to leave doggie poo on the sidewalk where billions of people walk every day!

They like to do what you do!

They are so dang cute!

Don't expect dogs to take good pictures with you. It's gonna be rough.....sometimes you'll be lucky enough to get a good one though!

They NEED their walks! They'll be happier and you'll be happier at their behavior! Win-win!
Plus! Walking them is healthier and MORE FUN than sitting at home watching TV or reading the Mormon Bachelor Pad blog. Much more fun!

Sometimes they just need some lovin!

And sometimes they love to give you some lovin!

A puppy just might be the best shopping buddie you can imagine!

They love to cuddle!

Sometimes they just want to sit on the park bench and people watch!

Always walk through the door before them. Caesar Milan (the real dog whisperer) says that this
is VERY important! I'm pro at it!

They loooooove to wrestle!!!

Sometimes they like to play hide and seek! (this is Yogi hiding under the couch!)
Sometimes you jut gotta get down on their level with them!

They have a lot of energy...but they also need to relax here and there!

Basically, I just really miss these puppies! They are SO great! Of course, I miss Tiffini and John too! I just can't wait to see ALL FOUR of them again!

The end.

(The dog whisperer!)

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