Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dearest Mom and Anyone-Else-Reading-This,
G and I got our engagement pictures taken! Craig, my wonderful and hilarious future father-in-law, took them for us! He hasn't edited them yet or anything, so these are just really rough drafts...but I wanted to show you my favorites! I need you help deciding the very best one. So let me know what you think!

option 1

option 2

option 3

option 4 (very similar to option 3...but i don't know which I like better)

option 5

option 6 (again, very similar to option 5, but i can't decide which i prefer)

option 7

and option 8

Pa-leeeease let me know what you think!!!!

Love, Kaela

P.s. I tried asking G for his opinion....he's a little busy at the moment. to study.....SO THAT'S WHY I REALLY NEED YOUR OPINION!!!

Attempt 1
Attempt 2
Attempt 3

Goodness, I love that sleepy-head more than anything!


  1. they are all so cute!!!
    my favorite is 8... adorable and natural.
    love. love you!

  2. i mean 7... the bottom black shirt one.

  3. todd says number 1 or number 8... he thinks they're the most "in love" pictures. ;)

  4. silly garrett! I like 1 and 6. I like 5 but his smile is better in 6. But all of them are great!

  5. options 1 and 8 are my vote. You guys look so happy and normal in them--good work Craig the first!


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