Friday, April 16, 2010

Special things 4 & 5

Dear Mom,

Yesterday was Mr. G's turn to plan special thing #4. He did great! It was a hard day to plan anything because we both had so much school stuff to do! Finals are right NOW! Eek! G has been working on this major final project for one of his construction management classes. He's gotta build a house. Just a mini version. But it's still no joke. I love that I'm marrying a boy who is so disciplined and detail-oriented. So we've been spending most of our time in the lab. He builds and I write all my final papers. Yesterday I wrote three. Whoooop!

For his special thing #4 he brought over hot-dogs for us to roast over the stove-top. I LOVED IT! This was the perfect special thing! I love me some hot dogs! Especially when they're roasted over the fire/stove! Mmmmmm! And it was the one of the first days that actually felt like spring so it was just so applicable! After we ate we headed to our park and took a nap in the sunshine! We look pretty silly in both these pictures but it's the best we could get.

My day was today! I was kinda stumped for what we should do for special thing #5. But this whole activity thing is not something that we can just give up on! Nope. It's something that I wake up thinking about. Literally. I really like it! It's just one more thing to make me smile or laugh during the day!
Today was another day spent in G's building lab. I finally took some pictures for you. His house is really coming together. I even helped him apply the fascia board! I totally already knew how to spell that because of the reports that I sometimes type for dad! I know he'll be so proud! Anyways, yesterday the cap to G's little exacto-knife got accidentally stuck in the house. We accidentally fastened the roof on with him still inside. G laughed when he realized but I was quite distraught. Seriously. Well...half-seriously. I just kept picturing that little cap sitting in the garage of the house all by himself. I'm sure he was claustrophobic. I tried to get Garrett to take off the roof but he just laughed at me. I know that it was a little silly. But I still really wanted to help that little cappy out. So my sweet fiance cut a hole in the ground of the house. And I'm happy to report that the exacto-knife and his cap have finally been reunited! Woo!

Anyways, for special thing # 5 Mr. G Frame and I hit up Texas Road House. Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera with us so I didn't get any pictures. Sorry. But boy did we treat ourselves! We had a beautiful gift-card thanks to two of the bestest friends I could ask for! (Thanks Marjanny and Noot!). G got a massive steak and I got the ribs! Yuuuummmmmmo! And we even got a delicious iced lemonade! It was basically a slushy....but it was real good!

So yep. There ya have it.

I'm not sure what we've got in store for tomorrow...but I'm pretty sure that it will be a wonderful day regardless of what special thing we do! I just have a feeling ;D!

K. Time to study for finals!

Lourve you!!!!!!!


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