Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Special things 6 & 7 & 8 & 9

Dear Mom,

Only 3 days left with Mr. Garrett.

We're trying to make the most of it, but it's hard because we are swamped with final tests and papers and projects.

Don't worry though, we've still managed to fit in our special things each day!

For Special Thing #6 Garrett took me swimming! Mmm I LOOOOVE to swim! Love Love LOOOVE it! And so does he! But he's more of a lap swimmer. And I'm definitely not a lap swimmer. Honestly, I'm not even a very good swimmer. I just play. I love it! I've always loved to pretend I'm a mermaid! And every time I dive under the water, I kick my fin up just like Arial. But Garrett-- he's just not the best swim player. Once over the summer we went swimming and we both jumped in and Garrett looked at me and asked, "Now what?" Hah! My silly boy! That's something we're going to have to work on for sure! Because swimming laps in a pool just doesn't even sound that fun to me at all. Anyways! I didn't really get any pictures of this activity! Just a quick one when we got in the car! But I looooved it!

Sunday was my turn to figure out Special Thing #7. It was kind of a difficult one because there aren't many options of things to do on Sunday. Especially because Garrett was studying for his religion class final all day. But then I remembered that we needed to finish our WEDDING COUNTDOWN CHAIN!!!!! Wooooo!!! I cut out the strips and taped them and Garrett wrote the numbers!

Honestly, I think it was kind of a bad idea. I was sitting there taping another day after another day after another day after another day on the chain. That sucked! I felt like our wedding was just getting further and further away.

122 days.

Monday was Garrett's turn for a special thing! #8. His are my favorite! I think he's much better at this game than I am! He took me to OUR PARK (the one we got engaged at) and flew kites and drank squeeze-it juices! It was perfect! He tried to surprise me but I guessed it. He called me on his way over and told me he had a surprise for me for our special thing! He even hid the kites in the trunk so that I wouldn't know what it was until right before we used them. And then I guessed it. He was pretty bummed. I'm a hard person to surprise. I don't know why. But I always have some idea. He was cute though! And I loooved it! He knows that I've been craving to fly a kite for like YEARS! And I haven't had juices like those since like elementary school! They are still just as yummy!

Special Thing #9 was yesterday and it was my turn! So I ran to walmart and picked up some $1 chalk cases and we chalked! The first thing Garrett drew was hop-scotch. I totally forgot the right foot steps until I started doing it. It's crazy how those things just come back to you like that! We also drew Sam our fish! (except his name is 'fishy' now...that what Garrett calls him). And we drew our our other 2 dead fish that we killed. We put halo's above them though. We drew the speed bumps that our friendship started on, and the temple that our marriage will start on! I drew a rainbow and Garrett drew a pot of gold and we wrote AUG 21 in big letters! Garrett was running out of ideas and so I asked him, "Well...what do we like to do?" and he said, "um....kiss?!" I told him to draw that and he refused. So I drew a pair of lips....but Garrett said it just looked like an upside-down red turtle....not sure how that works but he was kinda right. Hah! We also drew Idaho and Mississippi, where we'll be spending our summers.

I know that none of these Special Things are really that great or exciting...but these are the things I love to do with Garrett. These are the things that I want to remember. Someday I want to draw chalk with my 6-year old and tell her how Mommy and Daddy used to draw chalk when they were dating. And I want to go to the beach with our little family and fly kites! And I want to look at Garrett and remember how we flew kites together before we officially started our family! I want to make him steak and shrimp dinners on special occasions and even on regular occasions. Someday when it feels like we've been married forever, I want to remember the 122-link chain that we made because I was so dang anxious to be officially married. And when we take our kids swimming, Garrett will teach them how to swim laps really fast and I'll teach them how to imagine they are mermaids swimming in the depths of the ocean!


So 3 more Special Things. Today's Garrett's turn! I can't wait!
My camera battery died and I don't have the charger so we might have to go without pictures unless I can figure something out. We'll see!

Love Ya!



  1. KAELA! I love your blog and loved that I found it! You and Garrett are adorable! I hear that he is leaving to go sell during the summer, good luck with everything! If you need help with the wedding planning or anything else let me know!


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