Wednesday, May 26, 2010

86 days.

Mr. G Frame,

Well, Hello there!

Babe! You're doing soooo good! You're such a stud! I tell everyone that you've already got 14 sales! And I tell them that you're the #1 rookie on your team! And I tell them that I cannot wait to marry you!

That! will be the best! day of my life!

Mmm I LOOOVE you!

So...wanna see my project for right now?!
This is the furniture that I've collected in the past month! And I have some pretty grand plans for all of it!

Here we go:

So this was the first thing I bought. $25. Not worth it... I thought it could be cool if I repainted the wood white and then recovered the cushions with some funky fun fabric. I found a few good deals online for cheap refurnishing fabrics. And it even folds down into a bed which could be convenient for visitors!
I bought it at a garage sale. It was outside when I bought it. When we brought it home...we realized that it smelled like cigarette smoke. It's pretty bad. So I don't think it's going to work anymore. Unless I buy new cushions....and then it just gets too expensive I think. I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see. At least it was only $ it wont be a massive loss if it doesn't work out, right?

K. Here are the dressers we got. I either want to paint them white or black. I wanted to paint most of my furniture white...but I think I'll go with black with the bedroom furniture because the bedspread from urban that I'm dying to get is ivory. So would white clash with it?
Anyways, I'm going to paint these and hopefully get some fun knobs for them. We'll see...I kinda want to get creative!

So...I really wanted to make a cool headboard for our bed. I wanted to cut a cool shape out of wood and then cover it in padding and cool fabric and make it super unique....but that's a lot of work...and a lot of money from our slim budget.
But then! I was at a local thrift shop and they were having a sale where anything that had a blue price tag was automatically reduced to 99 cents. This headboard caught my eye but I just walked away because it was like $25 and I still wanted to do my fabric headboard...but then I noticed that the price tag was BLUE! So....I bought it! For $1! I want to paint it black too....and maybe do something creative with the wood along the back. I want to get rid of the mirror and put something else there....I'm not positive yet though...Any ideas?

This is the side table that I got us from craigslist! $10. I loove it! I'm going to paint it white!

So here's my original inspiration for our kitchen table! It's going to be great because I don't have to find matching chairs...and I'm already painting everything I find....

Here's the table we got! It folds out to be huge which is convenient if we want to have friends over! This is actually already folded out halfway. So...should I paint it all black? or black legs and a white top like the table above?
Whats your vote? I only have one chair ($9) so far and this is it....what color should I paint it?
I got these frames (less than $10 for all) from the thrift shop for a steal...they all have really fun details. I think I'm going to paint them all white and hang them on our wall. Some of them will have pictures in them...but then some of them will just be the frame. They all have backing and glass too...I just took it off to paint.

I also thought maybe I could use one frame to do this in our bathroom...
It's a really bad picture, sorry. It's just the frame fastened to the wall...and then there's a couple pieces of ribbon going across it horizontally...and then there's bracelets, necklaces, and earrings hanging....what do you think? That could be cool huh?! this is moms....but I want to see if we can steal it! It could be cool somewhere huh? Once we paint it!K, So, Dad found us this little coffee table. It was just abandoned in a foreclosed house. I think we should use it as an entertainment center until we can get something better. And the tv that Molly gave us fits on it perfect! I'll paint it too....white?
(phew...I'm going to need a lot of paint...)

Here's like my most favorite thing that I've found!!!!!! It's like a metal trunk....I found it at the thrift store too. $3. I want to either paint it....or put fabric on it if I can figure out a way...or maybe cover it in black and white pictures and then use that crafty glue stuff to put a finish on it....I don't really know if it's possible...but I think this baby has some serious potential!!

Also, I got these vases from the thrift shop was less than $10 for all of them.
I think they could add some funky colors against our white furniture!? Eh?

Okay! That's all i got so far....well.....actually! I was blogging yesterday and I found this!
SOOO cool, huh?! It even rocks back and forth!
Too bad we cant have it.

Anyways, baby! That's the update for now! Now I'm going to go sit in the garage and start sanding stuff! Woo!

LoooooooooooooooVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck today love!

Miss K Enzler

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  1. kae....sorry, i feel like i just read a letter that maybe i wasn't supposed to read? :) my dad might be able to get the smoke smell out of that couch for you! that's basically what he does for a living. he has all the equipment. let me know if you're interested.



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