Tuesday, May 18, 2010

94 days left.

Hey Lover Boy!

Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!


That's really not that many more.....right?

Oh goodness!!

I miss ya.

Here's the update:

#1. Exciting!
I got my wedding dress in!
I'm in love love LOOOVE with it!
Yes, it's a teensy bit tight which doesn't make sense because I don't weigh any different....
but oh well!

I guess I just won't eat cupcakes for a while.

Hopefully then I'll be able to sit down in it.

Hah :D!

But it's exactly how I imagined it! It's exactly how I wanted it to be! It's exactly perfect! I'm sorry that I won't show it to you yet. When we get our pictures taken I'll show you...so hurry your hottie buns home!

#2. Wishful.
I think I found the bedspread that I want us to have.
My criteria? White. Cute. Not plain....it needs texture or something. Fun!

I looked and looked and this is the one I kinda fell in love with!

It's from urban outfitters.
I think we could have fun with this.
I'm adding it to my 'to save up for' list!!
I didn't know whether to put it before or after all the other things that we need for our house!

Speaking of which:

#3. Finally!
We have a place to live in the fall!

Wanna live with me?
Wanna be my roommate?
I promise to be the best roomie you've ever had!

#4. Guh!
Why does there always have to be that one person at work who has to make it miserable for you?
Lets call her....Betsy.
Well. Little miss Betsy just tries to walk all over me like because I'm new.
For a couple days I let it slide because I didn't want to have drama at work.
I mean seriously, how old are we now? Can't we act like adults. I know I'm not really acting like an adult by writing about her on my blog. But I don't care. Hah!
Anyways, she thinks she so cleaver when she tries to trick me into doing all her dirty work while she does all my easier jobs.
Look Betsy, I'm not stupid! I wasn't born yesterday! I know exactly what you're doing!
Finally yesterday I informed her that I would be doing my job and she should stick to doing her job. That's the way the company organized it to be. And I wasn't going to go around doing the hardest parts of my job AND the hardest parts of her job...while she got the best of both worlds.
She didn't listen to me.
I still didn't do her job though.

Also, Mr. Boss isn't giving me enough hours. And now he's not sure he'll be able to pay me the amount that he originally told me.
Are they even allowed to do that?

Today I applied for some more jobs. We'll see what happens.

I try to be friends with money. I really do. I try to form a bond with the money. I'm looking for a long term relationship but I feel like it's more on the short-term route. I try to hold onto the friendship and keep it alive as long as possible. But the next time I look, it's all just disappeared.


#5. Anxious!
I'm working on my passport application right now!
Me + You + Mexico! Here we come!

#6. Love!
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.

i love you.

thanks for loving me back!

Lover Girl

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