Friday, May 14, 2010

99 Days!

Hey Baby!

Guess what! Only 99 days left!
Double digits are a beautiful thing! Especially when we started out with 202 days!

I was so excited when I woke up this morning and realized that in 99 days it will be our wedding day! That was the first thing I thought of. I literally pictured the number 99 in huge gold lights with cool blinking patterns and exciting music playing in the background!

99! So much better than 100!

I especially enjoyed our ice cream date last night to celebrate! I'd put pictures up....but I still don't have a camera charger... (hint hint Tiff ;D).


When I moved home, I decided to really clean and organize my room. A LOT of spring cleaning was needed! Yup! Here are some of the fun things I stumbled across....

This beauty is the product of one of the very first infamous Independent Studies with Marjanny.

We hadn't been friends for that long when you sent me this...Remember? I was always secretly jealous of the girls who got carnations at school, so I was super happy to get one from you! But it scared me because I thought you might like me....remember?! Hah! Oh I LOOVE YOU!

Do you remember these shoes? Hah! I can't believe I ever wore them. I don't even think they were cool at the time! I just liked them because of the zipper pockets on the side. I used to put lucky penny's in the left shoe and wishes in the right! Do you remember that?! People would write down wishes and then put them in my shoe and it was 'supposedly' good luck. haha oh my! So, I was looking through all the wishes in there and I saw one that I wrote that said something like "I hope Garrett will call me tonight and we'll talk for a really long time." And then the next one I read was one that you wrote and it said something like "I hope things with Lisa will work out." Sigh. I'm glad they didn't!

And then I found tons of little notes that Marjan and Noot had randomly left me! It made me so happy! I miss my best friends! I remember....a year ago around this time, they came to visit me in Eagle for the weekend. It was like right before you got home from your mission and I was so nervous! We had tons of fun though! I think it's time for another weekend in eagle, yes?!

Oh. Also. I'm deeply saddened to announce that fishy/sam/salmon has passed away. I don't know why or how. All I know is that he was the best little fish that I ever had. I even cried when he died. Real tears. Like 10 of them probably. He's buried in the back yard right now. Under the pretty tree with purple flowers. I even marked the grave with a stone. We'll have to paint it when you get home.

Also! I started refinishing our new kitchen table! It's going to be sooooooooo great! I'm just sanding it now. I love using the electric sander...but not so much just the little sheets that I have to hold myself. They tear up my hands. It'll be worth it though! I'll try to post pictures if I can use mom's camera!

And ALSO! I spent most of yesterday trying things out for the wedding! Cupcakes and flower arrangements and centerpieces and just lots of adorable things! I'm getting sooo excited!!!

Oh baby! I cannnnnot even wait!

99 days! See ya then!



  1. Haha, oh Kaela, sorry about that wish you had to find in your shoe :) Oh man, soososoooo funny, isn't it? The best part is that I remember you telling me I had to put a wish in my shoes that had zipper pockets. A few months ago Max and I were talking about it and I took the wish out and it said "Dave" (he's a whole different story). Needless to say Max through that wish away!

  2. Hah! So funny, Lis! I hoped you would read this post and laugh with me! Love ya girl!


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