Thursday, May 06, 2010

Day 13

Dear Almost Hubby,

Oh boy! I have millions of updates for you!

1. So, as you know, I started my new job. I LOOOOVE it. Yup. I truly do. I don't know why, but I just love to connect with grandma's and grandpa's. When I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, it's not because I have a responsibility to my employer or my job, it's because I have a responsibility to these people who need my help! And, most of the time, I really don't have a problem waking up that early to go see them. I have a very strict schedule at work. Each resident has their own routine that I have to work around. So I stay really busy. I hardly even notice that the time passes. My favorite part about work is when I get to sit down and talk with them. Most of them don't have many visitors and they get really REALLY bored. So I try to take a little time with each resident and dig for some old memory that they can tell me. It's amazing how much they can light up with just a little attention. I really love them all!

2. I misssssss you.

3. So, I know we kinda decided to live in Lilac apartments....but I'm seriously just so in love with this new place I found! First of all, it's a little house! Which is so much more fun than an apartment! And it looks way bigger! And we'll have a yard! AND! It's soooo cute! It's yellow! How cute is that?! And it's only 5$ a month more than Lilac! And all of the furniture I plan on making is going to fit sooooo cute in it! Speaking of which.....

4. I want to buy THESE chairs:
And refurbish them into something like this:
Okay, I agree, that's a little tooooo out there for us. I was thinking something like....paint the wood white and then do a cool black and white fabric.....or maybe a fabric that is a little out there but the white wood will calm it down a bunch! eh?! I think I can do it. All the 'how-to' websites online make it look really easy. Hmmm...we'll see.

Also, I officially decided that I want a completely white bedspread. Yup. I haven't found one in real life that I love yet. Just some pictures. See....wouldn't that be so great! Mmm! (I really LOVE the second one.)

Also, we are going to have a desk like this:
Dad says I can just find little drawer things like that and then we can hit up home depot and get a counter top and some cork board! That'll be so great huh?!?

Also, I've fallen in love with white frames! I want them to be everywhere! Like this!! Oooooh baby I'm getting so soooo excited!!!!

AND!!!!!!!! This just in! Idaho's largest garage sale is next Saturday! Maybe I can go and find some sa-weet deals!

I think I can get random frames at DI (and spray paint em white), I've already got a perfect little table that I've just gotta paint, I have to find 4 different chairs to match it, and we still need a couch, dressers, entertainment center....oh boy. I think the couch is going to be the hardest to find. Sheesh!

I'm loving all of this though!

5. I miss you!

6. 106 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya then!

7. Baby, Thanks so much for working so hard. I love you for it. I miss you every single second of every single minute of every single anything! I am yours and you are mine. No one makes me smile like you. Even just thinking about marrying you makes my whole body butterfly up! I. cannot. wait.

8. I love you.

Almost Wifey

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  1. soo cute! your house will be adorable- like you!


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