Friday, May 28, 2010

eighty tres!!

Dear Furniture!

You are so great! Seriously! I'm having so much fun with you!

I fee like we are turning into the best little family ever!

And I'm so grateful that you so willingly accepted the latest addition to our home...

He's coming along nicely, huh?

It'll get there.

You, furniture, are taking up my life. I wake up early, head to work, and hurry home to begin sanding and painting and nailing and making our future house a home!


So.....thank you for keeping me busy while I wait for my future hubby to come back to me!



  1. Kaela-
    This looks sooo fun!! I don't think I could ever be creative enough to venture to re-do all my furniture like you are doing. It all looks like it's turning out really cute too. You guys will have such the cutest apartment ever! Where are you living, by the way? AND if you're living in Provo then we should hang out with our hubbies.

  2. Ya Lis! That'd be great! We're living in lilac apartments....its on like 300 north and 400 east or something- just south of campus. Where are you and max living? We'll for sure be married friends!


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