Monday, May 03, 2010

Day 10

Dear Me,

Don't fret. August WILL come. Promise.


May 23, 07 came - the day he left on his mission.
May 27, 09 came - the day he came home.
June 20, 09 came - our first date after his mission.
July 1, 09 - our first kiss. yes, it came.
Dec. 18, 09 came - the day we started living in the same city.
Feb. 1, 10 came - the day we got engaged. SO glad it came!
April 24, 10 came - the day he left for Mississippi.
Today came.
Tomorrow will come.
109 more tomorrows will come.
and August 21, 2010 WILL come!

Yes, it will.

So be patient. (Story of my life).


Quadruple sigh.



  1. haha, it'll come! ps do i get one of those save the dates, or was that just a computer thing?

  2. The "save the date" looks fantastic! You are so good lookin! I love you!


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