Saturday, June 05, 2010



Only 76 days!!

7 six! Seventy-six! Seven 6! Seven six! One month + Another month + just a little baby bit more!

Then....we'll be murried!!!!!!!

Can you wait? I can't.

Anyways! I wanted to give you some updates about how our future little home is coming along!

sidenote: I think I have more fun redoing this furniture than I have planning our wedding. This is a problem. At least that's what mother says. And I think she's probably right. Because in order for us to be in a place where we can actually use this furniture (that is oh! so! cute!), we have to get married first. So I should probably plan first, and redo second? It's not that I don't like planning a wedding. I just don't really know where to start or go or do or anything! And I'm not a very good decision maker. I think I must be a kinda bad bride. Not bridezilla or anything....I just kinda don't care. But at the same time, I do! Like, there are a lot of things that I don't after I say "nah" to a million ideas, my mom says, "okay then, what do you want." And I have no idea. This is a problem.


Our table is done!!! Woooo!
We got this baby for free. Our good friends is the guy who goes and locks up homes that have been foreclosed on. So he finds things that the residents have left behind. This table was one of the gems that he found! I wish I had a good before picture. I wish I had ANY before picture. It must have been like a craft table for them or something. There were awful spills all over it- Stuff had soaked deep into the wood. There were dings and dents all over it. The top was just plain butchers block wood and the legs were white but they looked awful. When I saw the table I wasn't sure it was even salvageable. Boy, was I wrong! Because: 1. I have the best dad who has all the best tools and is like the best sharer on the planet! And he's spent so much time teaching me heaps about how to be a handy girl!And 2. I have a thrifty and crafty cousin who told me just what to do with my painting! And 3. I have the cutest fiance who was so interested in the whole process and had me send him pictures every step of the way!

This is one of the cute chairs I got at the second-hand stores. It took me forever to sand this baby but it was worth it because it came out really nice. I think I'm going to recover the pad though with the fabric below:
Also! My frames are all done! Now I just need to figure out what I want to put in them. I want to do some pictures, but then also some fabric. I'm going to make one of the a little dry-erase board. And I want some of them to just be empty.

Also, I had to give up on my old smunky couch. It was just too smelly. And it was going to take too much work and $$...and I would've been taking too big of a chance for it all to work out cute. But! That's okay because I sold it for $15 more than I paid for it! AND! I bought a new BETTER couch. Much better. The new couch doesn't have the cutest pattern...and it's pretty grandma looking. But I'm just going to call that VINTAGE! And after making 15$ on the other couch, this couch and chair only cost me $65. Which is a dang good price for a couch. And it's in really good condition. It's sooo comfortable and the fabric on it is still really nice. So it's all good! I sit on it every day when we talk on the phone.. I also finished painting our 2 side tables. It's all coming together a little bit more. Here's some of the pictures that you wanted....

So I still have the coffee table, a cute little decorative table, our headboard, and a couple chairs to start/finish.
Today I want to finish these two gems.....

I went to the store this weekend and stocked up on some more paint! Gotta love Home Depot! $1 off each can! Who doesn't love sales!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here's all the cans I've used so far! (And the Popsicle wrappers from when I was waiting for the paint to dry :D)
So...that's the update! I've got a busy day today!

Looooooourve you!!!!!!


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  1. i LOVE what you've done.
    love the fabric...
    love the kitchen...
    love the couches...
    (although i loved the old couch too... but, i couldn't smell it.)
    when we first got married we inherited todd's parents old bright blue couch. it was seriously ROYAL BYU blue... and awesome.
    i miss that ol guy.
    your home is going to be SOO fun.
    love you!


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