Wednesday, June 23, 2010

don't worry...we're down to 58!

Yo yo yo!

I want to start of this post by having you close your eyes.......even though not really, because then you can't read anymore....which would defeat the whole purpose of writing a blog post. And then you wouldn't be able to see when I told you to open your then you'd just sit there with your eyes closed for a very long time....and then what if you had them closed for so long that you missed the wedding?!

That would be tragic. Just awfully tragic.

Especially because, on top of allllll the amazingly amazing things that this wedding will be, we are officially going to have our dream photographer!

I know! I'm literally just thrilled! I'm even listening to Wicked for the first time this summer in lieu of my overwhelming happiness!

So please DON'T close your eyes. Yes, keep them open!

But still imagine the wicked soundtrack playing (specifically 'what is this feeling') with little happy shrieks (from myself) in the background. The music is filling up my whole room and spilling out my open window into the happy sunshine! And my dancing at the moment would definitely be something to laugh at! But who even cares? Not me! Especially when I'm crazy in love with the greatest man on the planet! And he loves me back! And we're going to be married in 58 days! And we get to see each other in 33 days! And it's going to be the greatest reunion since Bella and Edward in Italy!! Except one of us won't be about to be killed....well death from impatience possible?!)

So, needless to say, the wedding plans are coming along beautifully! We're really rollin now!

Be soooo excited!!!!!!!!! And give me your address if you want an adorable picture of me and my hubs with an invitation to the wedding!!



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