Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i take it back.

guess who just sent me an email.
my ex-dream photographer.
my heart started to sink when i saw 'i have some really sad news' right off the bat.

She then proceeded to tell me of an awful mix up that basically ends with us having no photographer anymore.

Yes, I openly admit it, I cried.
I cried a lot of heavy bride tears.

G Frame and I spent a lot of time and effort trying to make this photographer happen. Everyone told us to pick one thing that we really really wanted, one thing that we couldn't live without, and pay as much as needed for that, and sacrifice on everything else. Well, we decided to put ALL our luxury eggs in that basket...the photographer basket.
And then the basket got a hole and before we knew it our eggs had fallen to the ground, exploded, and began frying on the hot cement under us.

I know what you're thinking.
And I don't even disagree with you.
Yup! I AM a dramatic bride-to-be and I am going to cry over spilt milk....eer luxury eggs.
And right now, I am totally okay with that label.

The end.

Sidenote:don't you love it when your lover boy can make you smile without even being next to you? When he can make you a little bit happier when he's across the country? And when he can brighten your day without even knowing it?! I just tried to end this post with a simple "the end" but that would never do for Garrett. Whenever we tell each other a (not-so-distant) memory from our dating/friendship or a 'someday' story, he ALWAYS makes me end it with 'And we lived happily ever after...' I guess now is no exception. So....even though our dream photographer gets to be someone else's dream photographer....

We still live happily ever after!



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