Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Oh Hello Blogging World,

How I've missed you. Yes, I have. Well...mostly I've missed having the time to sit here and read and write and just enjoy my free time in the world of blog.

Right now I'm sitting here surrounded by piles (10 piles to be exact) of envelopes. Each pile is organized according to who it's too, and what exactly they are invited to, and if they've been stamped or not, or sealed or not....all of that junk. Yuck.

But I just wanted to update the you, dear blogging world, about the events of my recent life.

1. Work. Bleh. So, in case you forgot, I work at an assisted living facility. The housekeeper is out of town for a couple weeks so I've been filling in. And there's this one old lady who's seriously like...okay I know I'm going to be mean right now...but she is an old hag. Oh she's so mean. I'm sure she was once her day. But she is like the devil now. Every time I see her I can feel myself shrinking away. She's seriously scary. Here's a quick example, the other day I cleaned her room. GOOD clean. Like, I spent 3 hours in her tiny little bedroom cleaning every little detail. The whole time I was thinking "Go Kaela! Meanie Frannie isn't going to find a single thing to be angry about after seeing this sparkling room!" I moved all her furniture and scrubbed all her floorboards, walls, and even the little outlet and lightswitch frames! I used a toothbrush to wash her window tracks. I cleaned both sides of her door and the top and sides. I scrubbed the molding around the bedroom door and bathroom door. I cleaned every aspect of the dresser, even the inside of the drawers and the handles! Who does that? I scrubbed the lights and the dusted the lamp shades so good! I vaccumed every square inch of that carpet and the pulled out the carpet shampooer and even did everywhere twice! Lets just say...this room shined enough to make my Grams happy! Anyways...after all was said and done....fran came in and from all the way down the hall I heard her yelling about how I didn't take out her nightlight. BAH! Hag!

2. Wedding. It's coming.
Reception food....ehhhh?
Photographer.....oh my just wait until I tell you that story!!! Check!!!
Guests....arranged for!
Activities.....going to be sooo fun!
My whole bride 'look'......all coming together quite nicely if I do say so myself!
Mom....still loves me!
Groom.....ALMOST HOME!!! 3 days!
That's all I can really think of right now but I promise we've done more than that! Hah! So here's the photographer story! So obviously I'm all 'pouty bride' about dream photographer bailing...but also kind of relieved because she was hurtin our budget(but mostly bummed because she was worth it). And i was stressin because everyone else was definitely booked by that time. But then Garrett got this email from an old friend from California who is like a totally legit and rockin photographer. She basically gave us the deal of a lifetime because she loves him and his family and she's an awesome person! I know I shouldn't say this, but I literally cried a little...again. Dramatic, I know. The pictures are just really important to me and I felt like there was no winning. And I totally love her style! I saw some of her other pictures and they are perfect! She's great! I'm beyond excited! BLESSINGS!!!

3. Okay...what else! Oh BEST FRIENDS came to visit me! It was sooo great! Mar and Noot just make me so happy! We just always have fun together. Even when there's really nothing to do...we just make something to do! I'll let pictures do the talking.....and yes, my best friends are hottie!

Anyways, Friday I'm off to Utah for some awesome new bidness training! I'll update you all about it next time....wooo! And then I'll pick up the love of my life on Sunday at approximately 11:40. Feel free to count down with me! YAHOO!

K...this has been a long enough break! The envelopes are calling!

Love you!


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